6 All new Mini Episodes of True Blood after each episode

Get ready for the new season with a drop of True Blood.  There will be six new mini episodes that will not be shown in True Blood Season 3 written by Alan Ball and airing beginning May 2 right after the rebroadcast of each Season 2 episode. Watch the video to learn more.

Here are some screencaps from this video that highlight Bill’s participation:

Mini Episodes

source: YouTube.com


  1. I didn’t think Bill would be included in the mini-episodes since he was kidnapped at the end of season 2, so glad to see I was wrong! All of these little morsels will definitely make the wait for season 3 more bearable.

  2. I think this is an awesome idea. As if we can be anymore excited about about S3, we have these little episodes to get excited about as well.

    Bill looks great!

  3. Thanks, Life, for the vid, and Lynn, for the caps. Wonder how long the mini-sodes will be. At first I thought they might bridge S2 and S3. Now I’m thinking they will embellish some of the S2 happenings, especially those in the latter episodes.

    Lovely to see Bill. He looks hot. Open robe or dressing gown if you prefer that terminology. De-lightful!

  4. Yummy, Yummilicious, Yummified and Yumminess Bill…he looks so FREAKING GOOD!! I didn’t think he was going to be in these little mini epis either…..but now that I know he is I will definitely be watching them!!
    Gorgeous, sexy man!!

    Thanks, Life and Lynn!! :P

  5. I say it again: Allan Ball is a genius. What a good idea … Oh, Bill is damaged …
    Thanks to all who share with us those coveted moments with TB and the Bill…. mums. mums…

    1. MAY 2!!!!!!!!! omg! i’m so excited, i can’t stand it. i’m going to drive my family insane. also my friends who don’t understand it anyway.

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