Signs of full production on the set of True Blood Season 7

Signs of full production of True Blood Season 7 are apparent on Twitter and Instagram these days.

Check out the photos below.

The person who took this photo said in Swedish: “Alex and Stephen always on the run.” source:

So, even though he’s not sitting in the chair, it’s very presence give us hope that Alexander Skarsgård will indeed be back as Eric in Season 7 as speculated!

Screenshot 2014-03-14 16.20.37

And another photo from the set, shows that there are many on set working. The author says, “Lotta cast today.” source:



  1. Yeah season 6 ended odd with Eric burning. He burned in season 4 and didn’t die and Bill was char in season 1 and lived.

  2. So it’s really true…they are actually shooting the last season.  I’m excited, and sad too.  What a great show!

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