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True Blood fans have proven to be a very creative bunch of people when it comes to expressing their love for the show, the characters, and their favorite actors. Fans draw, paint, photoshop, make videos, dolls, and costumes. That’s why we want your fan creations!

To make the wait until season 4 in June 2011 a little bit more bearable and to put the fan artists in the spotlight we are opening a new section on called:

Do you make Stephen Moyer/Bill Compton fan art? Did Stephen/Bill inspire you to photoshop, paint, video, make dolls, make a life like sand sculpture or build the Compton house out of matches?

  • Join or log in to the AllStephenMoyerForum.
  • Post your photos (or video) of your artistic creations in the Fan Art and Artistic Creations section with a short description of the work and why Stephen/Bill inspires you.
  • Your fan creation will be entered as work that may be published in the new to open section here on
  • All work must be about Stephen Moyer or Bill Compton, but may also include other True Blood characters or stars.
  • While everyone may post their work on the forum, only a select few that catch our eye will be chosen to be honored in the AllStephenMoyer web site section.
  • If you have any questions, please contact me, Lynnpd

Click on the link to visit or join the AllStephenMoyer Forum.


  1. Wonderful idea. I hope many of our artists will step up. I am graphically challenged, so this leaves me out. However, I will happily gaze, applaud and cheer on the works of art that I’m sure will be forthcoming.

  2. I’m no artist either, but that matchstick idea sounds fun! Okay maybe not, but I’m itching to think of something–some way to pay homage. Hmmm, were did I leave that thinking cap?…

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