Shots Fired Roundtable and other videos for Hour 4 and Promo Hour 5

Below is a video promo for the next hour 5 of Shots Fired which airs at 8pm Wednesday, April 19th. Watch the video, look at the screencaps and let us know what you think will happen in the next episode.

Screenshots of Stephen Moyer from the above promo:

Shots Fired

The second video is a round-table discussion of tonight’s episode, Hour 4 of Shots Fired with some of the cast. 

The following videos are from tonight’s episode. One shows Arlen Cox with Governor Eamons, the second shows Deputy Beck scrubbing off the graffitti that has been painted on his house.


  1. Thanks for the caps and the look ahead to yesterday’s episode. Ashe and Preston appear to be zeroing in on the police department and its possible involvement in Joey’s shooting. Also, things are heating up between Beck and Breeland. I won’t see the episode until Thursday night.

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