Shots Fired set for a Fox “Midseason 2017” Premiere

It looks like we have a longer wait than we thought to see Stephen Moyer as Officer Breeland in “Shots Fired.”  According to the Shots Fired Facebook page, and at the FOX site here, the new “event mini-series” is scheduled to premiere “midseason.”  We don’t even have a premiere date, just that it will be sometime after the 2017 Super Bowl which will air in February, 2017.

Stephen Moyer was back on set this morning in North Carolina and posted this rather cryptic photo of the inside of his police car. Let’s hope that some photos come out soon!!!

Shots Fired

It’s going to be a long wait! Are you tired of waiting for this show to air?  We are too, can’t wait to see Stephen Moyer back on TV!!!

UPDATE: Shots Fired will air on Wednesdays in the spring, partnered with the second half of Empire’s season, while Lee Daniels’ Star will air in the Empire slot during the latter’s break per The Hollywood Reporter.


  1. Thanks for the update, Lynn. We’ll take what we can get when it comes to pictures and news. Would love another look at Stephen in his police uniform.

  2. Basically, I’m missing seeing him on tv, so yes, I’m anxious for Shots Fired to premiere. It will definitely be worth the wait, though!

  3. I hate waiting….but if Steve is in it, I’ll wait. I’m sure it’s going to be a great show. Hopefully some of his other projects will come out soon to fill the void. I miss Steve on my TV :(
    Thanks for the update, Lynn!

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