Shots Fired Makes Variety’s Best of TV List

Just out is Variety’s new list of the 20 Best of TV shows so far for 2017 and Shots Fired made the list.

shots fired

Maureen Ryan of Variety writes:

So many good shows debuted, returned or continued good seasons this year that it’s difficult to keep up. 

Even so, coming up with 20 entries for this list wasn’t difficult — I actually had to prune back my first attempt at a roster (and once again, my end-of-year lists will likely once again contain up to 60 TV series). For the first half of the year, though, here’s an alphabetical list of the programs that made the strongest impressions impressions on me.

Here’s what they had to say about the Fox show:

Shots Fired
The accountability of the police to the communities they serve is a life or death issue, and Fox’s “Shots Fired” incorporated that truth into a complex narrative that resisted the creation of one-dimensional villains or superficial solutions. A very able cast did fine work in a drama that occasionally sprawled but frequently had smart things to say about how different kinds of power are used — and sometimes abused.

See the full list by clicking here.

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