Your chance to be cast in Stephen Moyer’s Shots Fired

Stephen Moyer to star in Shots FiredSHOTS FIRED looking to fill smaller roles and stand-in spots for the upcoming Fox series. 

Casting calls released by the production request submissions for these roles:

  • HOVER BOARD TEEN: This one seems pretty self-explanatory. A notice seeks African-American teens (or early-20-somethings) that have “and can ride a hover board.”
  • BIKE MALES: This one follows a similar request, but you know, on bikes instead of hoverboards. (Doesn’t say anything about having one already, though.)
  • One more notice wants an African-American woman in her 50s or 60s for a “young grandmother” role. There’s also a note about a screen-time upgrade being possible, for this character.

Also, stand-ins are needed for a variety of demographics. Read those descriptions here. Check Southern Casting Call for more roles needed, as well as calls for other shows, films, and commercials.

So, for all those Steve fans in the area, here’s you chance to shine and maybe, while you’re at it, meet the cast and maybe even Stephen Moyer. T

Good Luck!



  1. Cool for fans in the area. This is so silly, but I’m wondering how Steve will wear his hair in the series. I think his Milus hair would be good.

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