Shots Fired Hour 8 recap videos plus Hour 9 Promo

Below we have videos for Shots Fired Hour 8 titled “Rock Bottom” and a Promo for the next in the series, Hour 9 “Come to Jesus.”

Below is a video promo preview for the next hour 9 of Shots Fired which airs at 8pm Wednesday, May 17th. Watch the video and let us know what you think will happen in the next episode.

Preview: “Come to Jesus” | Season 1 Ep. 9 | SHOTS FIRED

A shocking discovery is made about the Auxiliary Deputy program and the investigation zeroes in on the Sheriff’s Department, putting Lieutenant Breeland and Sheriff Platt under intense scrutiny. Later: a former Auxiliary Deputy reveals a secret; the judge makes a ruling in Ashe’s custody case; and Governor Eamons makes a difficult decision regarding her new education initiative .

The following videos are from tonight’s episode 8.

Round Table: Hour Eight | Season 1 Ep. 8 | SHOTS FIRED

Reggie Rock Bythewood sits down with his wife and co-creator Gina Prince-Bythewood, as well as the stars of the show Sanaa Lathan and Stephan James.

 Season 1 Ep. 8 | SHOTS FIRED | Ashe Gets Emotional Talking To Her Daughter | Season 1 Ep. 8 | SHOTS FIRED

Ashe tells her daughter that she is the “one good thing” that she’s done.

Ashe Interrogates Pastor Janae | Season 1 Ep. 8 | SHOTS FIRED

Pastor Janae explains during her interrogation that the police are not there to protect them, but to control them.

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