Short Interview with Stephen Moyer

Recently, Stephen Moyer answered a few questions for The Ticket about True Blood and his relationship with Anna Paquin.

Besides vampires, what are the themes of True Blood?

I think the show represents many different things. You could watch it and think it’s a camp, frothy, sexy thriller. But equally it could be a satirical comment on society. Bill’s a vampire, an outsider that arrives in town and is ostracized, but he’s trying to be a decent man.

When it comes to your love scenes, do you think it helps that you and Anna are a
couple in real life ?

I would like to think that, as a professional, if I have to have a love scene with somebody else it would be just as good!

What made you fall for Anna?

She’s sharp, funny, brilliant, incredibly talented and an ultimate professional. She’s probably the most straight-talking woman I’ve ever met and she’s caring, generous and kind – I can’t say enough! And I think she’s beautiful.

Is there pressure on you as an actor to look fit?

I think the thing is that when you’re working against someone like Ryan (Kwanten), who is an insane body fascist, I’ve got no choice but to look as good as I can. I’m never going to look like him but, equally, when I’m 60 I don’t want to look at the DVDs and see my flabby belly.

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