The set on Stephen Moyer’s ‘The Caller’ is heating up

The CallerShooting in the San Juan area in Puerto Rico continues also today on Stephen Moyer’s latest movie ‘The Caller’. True Blood and Twilight fan Eva managed to get close to the action yesterday and witnessed a scene with Rachelle Lefevre (‘Twilight’) being shot and a stunt scene where a car was thrown of a tow truck. At lunchtime Rachelle passed by and agreed to have her photo taken with Eva, Stephen Moyer literally passed by running to the catering. You can read Eva’s complete story on her website Puertorican Twilighters Blog.

Later on the day yesterday Rachelle and Stephen filmed an erotic scene on a closed set. The filming, according to Primera Hora, was done in an apartment located at Norzagaray Street in Old San Juan where, so far, other scenes were filmed. In fact one of them was shot last Monday at the popular restaurant, La Bombonera. The place was completely refurbished for the filming.

Meanwhile, other locations in the “Walled City” have been used for the film’s production that will reach the big screen in 2010.

The cast and crew are now getting ready to film scenes in exteriors in the area of the Finishing nail. These shootings occured at night, in tone with the suspense and the mystery of the film, directed by Matthew Parkhill with script by Sergio Casci.

Actress Gladys Rodríguez plays the mother of Stephen Moyer’s character (John Guidi). Despite of having all the merits to give acting classes, Gladys Rodríguez says her experience working on “The Caller” is like school for her.

The actress has already filmed her first scene in the thriller, she plays John Guidi’s mother (the character that Stephen Moyer plays). “The story is interesting, it’s a mysterious drama with lots of action and though acting”, she says.

Rachelle Lefevre Gladys Rodríguez

She has to work close to Stephen and Rachelle Lefevre. “I have worked with both of them and they are lovely. They are stars but they are very modest. He is a sweetheart and as he plays my son he was very affectionate towards me, giving me several kisses and hugs. It’s a pleasure to work with them.”

Besides her talent, Rodriguez says she was chosen because she is blonde and blue-eyed like Moyer. “He is beautiful and so is she, they look great on screen. They are very active and good actors. It has been an honor to work with them and the director (Matthew Parkhill)”.

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