Where to see Stephen Moyer’s new film ‘The Caller’

THE CALLERStephen Moyer’s new film, The Caller directed by Matthew Parkhill and written by Sergio Casci is a pretty damn impressive J-horror inspired film and will be seen in theaters in limited release at the locations below starting Friday:

* Emagine 18 – Canton, MI
* Mall of America 14 – Bloomington, MN
* Movies @ CrownPoint 12 – Charlotte, NC
* Raleigh Grand 16 – Raleigh, NC
* Carolina Asheville 14 – Asheville, NC
* Lake Worth Movies 14 – Lake Worth, TX
* Starplex Creekside Cinemas 14 – New Braunfels, TX
* Starplex Corpus Christi Stadium 16 – Corpus Christi, TX
* Starplex Galaxy 16 – Waco, TX
* Arizona Mills 24 Theatre – Tempe, AZ

Below is the Trailer for the film:

source: bloody-disgusting.com


  1. Thanks for providing the list of limited release theatres. There’s nothing remotely close to me. I remain hopeful, though.

    I’m unable to view the clips. I get a message that says the video cannot be loaded. The culprit: connection problems or I must disable my Ad blocker. That’s not word for word. To quote Jason, I’m “parrot phrasing.”

  2. The limited release SUCKS you would think with all the positive reviews and publicity out there they would release it more widely, considering some of the other really crappy stuff out there, and this promises to be very entertai ning.

  3. I’m surpsied at how limited the release is. What’s the point of living in a major market, congested city if htere are no important benefits like getthing “Tthe Caller”. Actuaally, a little trip to Asheville would be nice…

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