Stephen Moyer, Then and Now

At, Nina Hammerling Smith is offering a very interesting comparison of the True Blood main actors, THEN and NOW by displaying photos of each actor before they were famous and very young alongside a photo of them today.

Below is the comparison they used for Stephen Moyer. They asked our permission to use the photo Stephen donated for our Biography section as their THEN Stephen Moyer photo. Below the photos you can read what they had to say about Stephen Then and Now.

Then and nowThen and now
Stephen Moyer/ (left); Kevin Winter/ (right)

Then: This classically trained British actor studied at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art around 1988 (when this headshot was taken) and soon appeared in stage productions including Romeo and Juliet. Before becoming Southern gentleman-vamp Bill, he was best known for his role in the Debra Messing miniseries The Starter Wife.

Now: As Bill Compton: Finally freed from the grips of his maker, Lorena, and Russell Edgington, Bill wants to pick up where he left off with Sookie. But when Eric reveals to Sookie that Bill’s relationship with her began at the behest of the Queen of Louisiana, she turns her back on him and orders him out of her house—and her life. When last we saw him, Bill was attacking the ancient and very powerful queen in what’s sure to be a truly bloody battle.



  1. If only the “then” pic was in color we could see how blue his eyes were then vs. now. The man is always gorgeous, but I prefer him with some age. And muscles. :D

  2. He has always been good looking with no awkward stages that we have seen.
    That boyish pic is adorable and he looks like a young Clint Eastwood.
    With a little age and body building resulted in the incredibly handsome man we see today?

  3. Gorgeous then and gorgeous now. Stephen just keeps on getting better and considering how beautiful he was in the “then” pic that is impressive!

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