Season 2 of CASM’s UK series Flack has wrapped filming

Today, Stephen Moyer posted a nice photo of himself with his lovely wife, Anna Paquin announcing that Season 2 of their UK series, Flack has wrapped filming.

Below is an image of Steve and Anna indicating that the shoot is done and that they will start editing next week.  Flack

As we previously learned, a few months ago, the CASM’s series was renewed for a second season and has been filming for a couple of months in the UK.  We previously posted several pics and more from the show’s creators Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, and Cerise Larkin and that Stephen was to direct two of the Season 2 episodes.  Anna stars in the series.

Recently, Stephen also posted that his friend and actor, Mark Warren who starred with Steve in his 2001 series “Men Only,” (see our section about MEN ONLY HERE). I loved Men Only, and now having his co-star from that series #MarcWarren in #Flack too, makes Season 2 seem like a real treat!  I can’t wait for Season 2.



If you have yet to see Season 1 of Flack, click below to watch it online or buy the DVD.


sources: and Stephen Moyer on Instagram



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