SDCC 2018 The Gifted short Panel Video and Press Photos

SDCC 2018 The Gifted – We still don’t have a video of the entire Panel for The Gifted Season 2 which took place yesterday, Saturday, July 22. However, The Gifted has posted a tidbit “CAST CHAT” video with some cast reactions which you can see below:

Also, as days go by, more and more should be released. Below are just a few photos that we have in our two Photo Galleries for The Gifted cast members visit at Comic-Con 2018 this weekend.

As more photos and information come out, we’ll be sure to share them with you in new postings.

Here are just a few photos gathered today.

The following photos are from the Sirius XM and Entertainment Weekly’s events that Stephen and the Gifted cast members attended on Friday and Saturday.

SDCC 2018 Video & Press Photos

SDCC 2018 The Gifted


Sources: The Gifted on YouTube and

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  1. Thanks for the videos and photos. Based on what I learned from the former, it looks like we’ll be getting information on various characters’ backgrounds in S 2 … how they got to be who they are now. And the mutant world will be expanding. For someone like me, who is not familiar with this particular comic book genre, the addition of other groups should be helpful in expanding and hopefully clarifying the world The Gifted portrays.

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