Screencaps: Stephen Moyer’s Shots Fired Season 1 Hour 10

In Shots Fired Hour 10 titled, “Last Dance,” the death of Joey goes to a hearing and we learn more about what happened the night he was killed and how Lt. Breeland took the fall for the police cover up. The episode was very compelling and I’m so glad that we have a real resolution to the case, but am sorry that Lt. Breeland had to suffer. However, it was good to see some resolution take place and that the town now seems to be healing.


Below are a few screencaps from the Photo Gallery for Season 1, Hour 10:

Shots Fired Hour 10



  1. In the end, Breeland was the hero. It was his information that got Platt and I’m glad for that. And I love that Preston found something to go after Cox for. I also showed how the justice system works only with full citizen participation.
    To be honest about the series…I thought the romance and sexual angles were a waste of time. I would have enjoyed seeing more about the lives of the other players in the plot. I do think theses writers have a future in TV though and hope to see more.

    But having said that, they would’ve lost me after the first two episodes if Stephen hadn’t been in it.

  2. Will re-watch before I leave any extensive comments. I do agree with Piper about the sexual scenarios. They were a waste of time … I will make an exception for Preston and Ashe. I could see them getting together when they did, and a reunion as a possibility down the line.

  3. So Platt did the deed and shot his lieutenant. He was the most logical one to have committed the murder. I was sorry the grand jury didn’t indict Cox, but Preston Terry has his number, and will be watching him closely. Yes, Arlen, you have every right to worry. I had mixed feelings about the arrest of Beck. Yes, he shot Jesse. Ultimately he had to pay. But still I felt sorry for him and his family. Happy to learn that the governor’s education initiative returned and would be funded by scandal-free investors. Best of all, the people of Gate Station are organizing, registering to vote and plan to make their voices heard via the ballot. I hope that Ashe will receive shared custody of her daughter somewhere down the line. Will she and Terry get together at some point? Who knows? I’d like to think there’s a future for these two as a couple.

    I did appreciate seeing in flashbacks the circumstances of Jesse’s, Joey’s and Breeland’s deaths.

    I’m glad I stayed with the show … it was mostly for Stephen’s sake, but I did get caught up in the timely narrative.

  4. Yet another comment of mine awaiting moderation. I’m at the point where I’m reluctant to comment at all!

  5. I enjoyed the show, the acting was so alive; I hope when award season comes along Shots Fired will be remembered.

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