Screencaps for Stephen Moyer’s Shots Fired Season 1 Hour 8

Wow, Shots Fired Season 1 Hour 8 was another action-packed and almost disturbing hour of drama. 

In tonight’s episode titled, “Rock Bottom,” Preston and Ashe use a potential murder weapon in the Joey Campbell case to identify the culprit; an altercation erupts from growing tensions between the investigators and the Sheriff’s department; Preston makes a rash decision in the Jesse Carr case. Lt. Breeland and Ashe have a confrontation which doesn’t end well for Breeland.


Below are a few screencaps of Stephen Moyer from the Photo Gallery for Season 1, Hour 8:

Shots Fired Season 1 Hour 8


  1. The physical confrontation between Ashe and Breeland was quite shocking. I did not see that one coming. I just wonder if his earlier conversation with Platt had anything to do with that. I am really looking forward (with a little dread) for the final two episodes. Thanks for the Screencaps….

  2. I finally watched. Powerfull and touching episode … the Ashe-Breeland fight; Pastor Janae’s imprisonment; Shawn’s return home by a considerate deputy; the death of a local civil rights leader; Josh’s return home and reconciliation with his wife; the two mothers talking about their children; the governor weeping; the story continues to evolve and intensify.

    Yes, the physical confrontation between Ashe and Breeland was a big surprise. Good point, Piper, about the conversation between Breeland and Platt. Wonder how that impacted his actions toward Ashe.

  3. Oh, and the bedding … finally it happened. How could I have forgotten that in my above comment, which is awaiting moderation. *sigh*

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