Screencaps for Stephen Moyer’s Shots Fired Season 1 Hour 7

Wow, Shots Fired Season 1 Hour 7 was another action-packed and almost disturbing hour of drama. 

In tonight’s episode titled, “Content of Their Character,” Preston is determined to find the truth about what happened the night Joey Campbell died when the district attorney sends a new team on the case. Officer Breeland was also a busy cop escorting the governor, intimidating Ashe and then having a somewhat puzzling interaction with Sheriff Platt.

We also got to see the aftermath of the battle that took place in hour 6 and learn more about the mystery revolving around the death of Jessie. This is all happening when Ashe and Preston only have a week to figure it all out.


Below are a few screencaps of Stephen Moyer from the Photo Gallery for Season 1, Hour 7:

Shots Fired Season 1 Hour 7


  1. I didn’t understand the interaction with between Breeland and Platt. But I liked the last scene with Breeland and his daughter. I sort of wonder if his reference to Ashe’s daughter will come back to bite him on his adorable butt. When he said he would hate to think he would not be with his daughters because of his own fault, I thought…uh-oh…

      1. I have to admit Piper that I thought the whole scene with Lt. Breeland and Ashe was kind of weird. Why was he waiting for her outside her door? Scratching my head. Good episode overall though with lots of Stephen Moyer; which means I enjoyed it a lot!

  2. That was kind of weird and creepy on multiple levels. Of course we wouldn’t mind him waiting by our hotel room door.

  3. Agree about the strangeness of the Breeland-Platt scene … and Breeland-Ashe had me scratching my head. I, too, wondered why he was waiting for her there. Preston and his promise to solve the murders of the two boys … that was a big one, and he included Ashe in it as well. How will he do it? She wasn’t pleased that he spoke for her, since she believed they should be done. Yet toward the end she was back in step with him. Lots of pain and emotional turmoil, with Shawn (sp?) and his mother, Josh and his wife, Platt and his wife (he didn’t get very far with his statement that he was thinking of retiring), Ashe and her custody battle. We did find out what happened at the Janae-Cox dinner. So now Janae has been arrested for Joey’s murder. That was a surprise to me. This episode had all sorts of serpentine twists and turns. I enjoyed the scene with Breeland and his daughter, and the one of the Governor comforting her daughter,

    So now Ashe and Preston have one week to solve both murders.

  4. Very thought provoking episode as more clues and questions are put to the audience while the characters multiple facets are opened up to us.
    What makes me wonder is the Sheriff worried Officer Breeland will take his job and that’s what that talk was about?
    Looking forward to the rest of the series and hopefully what really happened to the young men.

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