Screencaps from The Hatton Garden Job and more

Stephen Moyer’s new film The Hatton Garden Job was released in theaters, iTunes, and Amazon Video over the weekend and we got ourselves a copy and watched it. Wow, it was a great and delightful film. While Stephen Moyer wasn’t in it as much as we would have liked, he still was in it enough to produce some interesting insights into his character of Marcus Ford. We won’t reveal too much here as we wouldn’t want to ruin it for you, but needless to say, this film is worth watching for any Stephen Moyer fans as well as on it’s own merits.

We’ve just created a page devoted to this film in our Movie & TV Projects section. Click here or on the Banner below to see it and learn more about the film:

Hatton Garden Job

Also, we created some screencaps from the film of Stephen’s scenes. Below is a sampling.


And, don’t forget to buy the film and the music from it!

THE HATTON GARDEN JOB is already available to stream on ITunes and Amazon UK. At the moment, the film has not been released in the USA, but you can purchase a digital copy on iTunes UK.  The album of music is available in the US iTunes Store.

Streaming Amazon UK Streaming iTunes UK Music CD UK Music CD USA


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