Screencaps from Stephen Moyer’s film: ‘The Double’

The Double

The DVD for Stephen Moyer‘s new film “The Double” will be out on January 31, and I’ve already seen it and saved it to my DVR. I have already seen it in the theaters and I can tell you that it’s a favorite of mine because Stephen sure flexes his acting muscles here. We have also added screencaps from the film to our photo Gallery.

After seeing it when it first came out, I wrote a review of the film that has extensive information about the film. You can see it here.

Be sure to stop by our Movie & TV Project page for The Double for a visit to learn all there is to know about this film.

Stephen appears in the film as the Russian Spy, Brutus and we’ve made screencaps of his appearance in the film and placed them in our Photo Gallery. There are over 150 images for your enjoyment, but below are a few samples that can be found there.

See the additional photos in the Photo Gallery (over 150 images)

Purchase by clicking on the links below:

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  1. Thank you, Lynn! I’ve been scrolling through the photo gallery and just re-read your review. I’ll be seeing this one, either by renting the DVD when it comes out, or purchasing from Amazon.

    Thanks for your comprehensive look at The Double and Stephen’s performance. It sounds amazing.

  2. This movie is well worth watching; Richard Gere is great in it! I think he is getting better, if that is possible, as he gets older.

  3. I saw this movie and I recommend it highly.
    Stephen is a scene stealer in every scene he is in. Sexy and dangerous.
    Overall a movie worth watching.

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