Screencaps for True Blood Episode 6.10 “Radioactive”

Below are examples of the screencaps just loaded into our Photo Gallery from last Sunday night’s True Blood Finale episode 10, “Radioactive.”

Be sure to look for the additional screencaps to be loaded for the entire season in our True Blood Season 6 Episode Screencaps Photo Gallery.

Below are some samples of the screencaps from “Radioactive:”

Bill broods over having sacrificed Sookie.

Bill broods thinking he has sacrificed Sookie.

Bill glamours Tagahashi in finale episode of True Blood Season 6

Bill glamours Tagahashi before he leaves him in the woods.

Bill tries to convince that she needs his protection.

Bill tries to convince Sookie that she needs his protection.


  1. He just gets better and better and more good looking every year. Thanks for providing the photos. they are all great.

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