Screencaps for True Blood Episode 6.09 “Life Matters”

We have added screencaps of Bill from each episode of True Blood Season 6 to our Photo Gallery. We already have caps completed and uploaded for episodes 1 and 2, and now have just added screencaps from last week’s episode 6.09 Life Matters.

We’ll be adding more screencaps to the photogallery for episodes 3 through 8 and for the finale this coming week, so be sure to look for them in our True Blood Season 6 Episode Screencaps Photo Gallery.

Below are some samples of the screencaps from this week’s past episode 9, “Life Matters”

Bill remembers drinking Warlow's blood

Bill recalls the effect of drinking Warlow’s blood.

Bill sacrifices for the sake of the vampires.

Bill sacrifices for the sake of the vampires.


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