Say Goodbye to True Blood with their last “Behind the Scenes Special”

On June 15, we’ll experience, “the beginning of the end” of True Blood with their new Behind the Scenes Special.

openingcredits true blood

Tune in on June 15th when HBO say goodbye to True Blood with a behind the scenes special, True Blood Farewell show.





  1. This is only US. You’ll have to check the schedule for UK, we don’t have a date for outside the US yet.

  2. Angry all d way from Nigeria. Dnt ever want true blood to end or will there be a substitute show like or after it?

  3. That really sucks. I love true blood. I don’t want it to end. Sami, Erkc, Bill, OC, Jason I will sure miss them.

  4. Boo going to be a big baby when this end and cry . So sad going to miss tb so much , all goog things must come to a end but tb should never be 1 of them. Buy tb and thanks for some hot tv and brilliant acting xxxx tb forever xxxx

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