Safe House Billboard featuring Stephen Moyer takes over Cannes

We’ve been anxiously awaiting some news for Stephen Moyer’s upcoming series for ITV, Safe House. Now it’s here, fans!

Note the photo below of the giant billboard of Stephen Moyer in Safe House as it takes over the famous La Croisette Cannes!

Could this mean that the series will soon be televised? Is it showing there? Any news is great as we know that Steve is the star of the series, so lots of Steve will be seen.

Safe House
click on image for larger view

We’ll do our best to keep you informed of when the series will be shown in the United Kingdom. No word yet if it will be seen in the USA.

The second series (season) will focus on charismatic yet impulsive ex-police officer Tom Brook (Moyer) who runs a police safe house, which stands by the edge of the sea on the rugged coastline of Anglesey, a wild and beautiful sanctuary. Many years before the events depicted in season two he investigated a series of abductions perpetrated by an assailant known as ‘The Crow’ who took wives away from husbands as they helplessly watched on in horror. On hearing of a crime bearing the same hallmarks Tom immediately goes to the crime scene, revealing to the police that he believes ‘The Crow’ is active again.


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