Julie Reviews Safe House Season 2, Episode 2

Safe House Episode 2

Simon Duke (Jason Watkins) is concerned when he discovers The Crow’s same style tent resurrected in the home and asks his son Liam (Joel MacCormack ) why he did it, reassuring his son that together they can be strong.

Safe House

Tom Brook’s (Stephen Moyer) investigation into the disappearance of Julie Delaney ruffles many feathers in this week’s episode of Safe House particularly with DI Olly Vedder (Gary Cargill). Craig (Charlie Kelly) arrives back to apologize to Brook’s girlfriend Sam Stenham (Zoë Tapper) for trying to kiss her, but Sam won’t take him back to work on the boat.

Tom makes an interesting discovery whilst looking over the place where Julie Delaney lived when he finds a true crime book on ‘The Crow’. When he confronts John Channing (Ashley Walters) about the book John tells Tom that the book is Julie’s, for she was into reading about true crime.

Tom is fully aware that John is in possession of twenty grand, and has to make an exhausting run when he catches John taking a bus, and handing the money over to a man waiting in a car. He asks DCI Jane Burr (Sunetra Sarker) to run a check on the registration of the car but Jane is warned by DI Olly Vedder (Gary Cargill) that he will report her for misconduct should she tries and involve Tom in the Julie Delaney case any further. Elizabeth Ellroy (Dervla Kirwan) pays a visit to Tom to try and get him off the case. Sam wonders if there is more to Ellroy’s ‘concerns’ than Tom is letting on.

Despite Tom being told that the new case is a copycat, Luke Griffin AKA ‘The Crow’ (Stephen Lord) is questioned by the police regarding the disappearance of Julie Delaney, but Griffin says that they are wasting their time for he knows nothing about it. The reason for the twenty grand becomes clear when a fellow prisoner beats Griffin badly whilst trying to get information out of him. John’s comment to Julie’s daughter Dani (Sacha Parkinson) in the previous episode about having contacts obviously held some weight.

Dani admits to Sam that she doesn’t like John after Sam discovers Julie’s profile on a dating website, and Dani admits that she created the website to try and find her mum someone better. But there is much more to this when we see Dani try to kiss John later in the episode, only to be rejected, which sends a tearful Dani off to a secluded beach to meet with Craig.

The episode wraps up with Julie looking as if she is about to be rescued by a friend of John’s when we hear gunshots.


Julie Comments on the episode:


This week’s episode of Safe House has left many questions unanswered.

  • What is the true nature of the relationship between Dani and John?
  • What does Luke Griffin really know about the disappearance of Julie Delaney?
  • Who really owns the book on The Crow?
  • Is Tom hiding something from Sam?

There’s certainly enough going on in Safe House to discuss with the family!


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