Review of The Gifted Eps. 1.06 – Get Your SiX

For Reed Strucker this episode, titled “Get Your Six” provides an opportunity to bond with his son, Andy. They joined Eclipse (Marcos) to travel to Baton Rouge to find files and documents on the Mutants in Sentinel Services offices. While neither Caitlin nor Reed wanted Andy to go, but they realized that they had no choice. It was easy to figure out that Andy’s powers were the only way they could blast into the building without Blink (Clarise) to open a portal. Blink had recently left the compound over a dispute about the memory put into her head by Dreamer about Thunderbird (John Proudstar).

Reed says goodbye to Caitlin and he, Andy and Eclipse (Marcos) leave in a box truck to drive to Sentinel Services in Baton Rouge.

Get your six

Reed, Eclipse and Andy on the Road

While on the road, Andy and Reed do a lot of talking. Reed learns that having gone to Andy’s Guidance Counselor as he did was the reason that Andy was attacked by the kids at school. The father and son need to talk about it more but the truck gets stopped for a police inspection and has to be opened. Eclipse (Marcos) is able to absorb the light in the cabin so the policeman can’t see them in the back of the cabin.

Lucky for the trio, the policeman got a call and had to leave before he could effectively search through the truck, so they were OK and safe to travel on. Before getting to Baton Rouge, they decided to stop for the night as there were a lot of police on the road. This gives Reed another opportunity to bone a bit with Andy. He first asks him if it hurts to use his powers. Andy says that it’s a release for him, like yelling and it feels kind of good when he rips things apart. Reed shows his concern saying that “what you do, it could hurt someone.” Andy replies, “I’m finally good at something and you’re just telling me not to do it. I just want you to be proud of me.” Reed responds, “All I want you to do is use good judgment.

Later Reed and Eclipse (Marcos) talk about it together about the discussion Andy and Reed had. Eclipse (Marcos) gives Reed some good advice, “Keep at it, it will be good for him to have someone to talk to; especially his father.” The two talk about fatherhood since Eclipse (Marcos) and Lorna (Polaris) are expecting. Eclipse tells Reed how he was kicked out by his dad for being a mutant. Reed responds, “Listen, if we all turned out just like our fathers, I wouldn’t be much of a dad myself.” When Eclipse (Marcos) asks Reed how he figured out parenting, Reed responds, “I haven’t; but I can tell you this, nothing you can do would make them love you less. You start there and then, you do the best you can.”

Breaking into Sentinel Services

When they arrive in Baton Rouge, they have to change the plan and enter the building via the parking garage. Andy thinks he can break through a wall to get them inside.  Then, Andy is to go back to the truck and Reed and Eclipse (Marcos) go in to find the files.  Andy is able to break through the wall successfully and wants to go further, but Reed stops him and makes him return to the truck as planned.

Reed and Eclipse (Marcos) enter the building, find what they were looking for (files and hard drives). While there, Reed sees himself on the wall in a photo from when he used to work for Sentinel Services.

They escape successfully, but Sentinel Services knows they are trying to escape and set up road blocks, but Lauren and her new friend use their collective powers  to hide the truck enabling them to make a get away.

Reed is now back safe in the mutant hideout with Caitlin and his family.

This was another action packed episode, but also full of family and emotion. Even without X-men powers, Reed was able to break the barrier between him and his son.  He also helped out Sentinel Services and all the mutants. This installment of the show provided lots of action along with the bonding, so I’d say it a well balanced and solid.


Below are some additional videos Fox released for this episode:

Go behind the scenes with THE GIFTED and the veterans organization, GotYour6.

Blink Confronts Thunderbird About Her False Memories | Season 1 Ep. 6


  1. I was really happy to read about the inclusion of veterans in the “4 years ago scene.”

    I’m wondering several things now that I’m well into the series. Maybe I missed something about the mutant underground building … but … it is huge and visibly above ground. What have the mutants done to keep it invisible from prying eyes. Shields around it to hide it? Also, I’d like to know how supplies get into the complex. How is that managed, since this is obviously a refuge? These questions don’t detract from my enjoyment of the show, but I’d like some answers. I was glad Andy and his dad got to talk, and I hope there will be more of that. And at some point, maybe next episode, Reed will tell Caitlin about what happen to him during his prison stay.

    1. I agree, Rowena, I would like to know how their hideout remains undetectable. I am really enjoying this series, although I admit without the Moya in it, I probably would not have tuned in.
      He is, as always, completely watchable. Reed is such a devoted husband and father, and he’s maintaining an amazing rationality & calm considering how his world turned upside down since that
      fateful night when his kids “came out.” I confess I’m still getting confused by the names.( Why do the mutants have to have two names?) Amy Acker is also wonderful as Caitlin. She and SM are right in sync as a married couple.

  2. Iamtrue, I agree about Stephen and Amy as the parents. They are good together and totally believable as the parents of two mutant children who recently “came out.”

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