Review of “The Parting Glass” directed by Stephen Moyer and written by Denis O’Hare

Sandy Shaefer over at Screen Rant has given a review of CASM’s The Parting Glass, which was released on digital yesterday. Both Stephen Moyer and all are praised for the film.

Below are a few excerpts from the review:

“Closure is a hard thing to come by in life, especially in the wake of tragedy. Actor Denis O’Hare understands this as well as anyone, having lost his sister when she committed suicide in 2010. It’s also something he recognizes as a writer on The Parting Glass, a partly autobiographical drama in which he stars alongside his former True Blood castmate Anna Paquin. Her husband and fellow True Blood veteran, Stephen Moyer, makes his feature debut as director here, delivering a performance-driven piece that’s unafraid to wrestle with the messy realities of how people (related or not) grieve when united by trauma. The Parting Glass is an intimate and affecting drama fueled by great acting and sharply-drawn observations of human behavior and familial dynamics.

Memory, in general, is another key element of The Parting Glass. People all too often search for closure in the fractured memories of their departed loved ones, and the characters here are no different. Moyer and his DP Guy Godfree are smart in the way they shoot the flashbacks where Danny and his family remember Colleen as she was in life. All too often, Paquin’s face is either obstructed or out of focus, in a way that subtly imitates the inherent haziness and unreliability of memories – making it harder to find any peace of mind from them. This technique is especially powerful during a sequence where Danny and his father are filled in on the specifics of Colleen’s death. Thankfully, The Parting Glass skips over showing the graphic details in the flashback that follows, leaving them to the imagination (where they’re bound to be far more horrifying and intense to process, anyway).”

She rates the film 3.5 out of 5 possible stars which is their rating that translates to “very good.”

I totally agree.  I saw it at the Method Film Festival in Los Angeles and Loved it. It’s a little film made on a shoestring budget, but there is a lot of “heart” in this film and I (Lynnpd) personally also recommend it to all.



And, here’s even another one. Congrats to all at CASM!!

WOW! Another great review for Stephen Moyer’s directorial debut “The Parting Glass” praising the cast, the story and all here:

The Parting Glass is now available on Video On Demand and Digital.


The Parting Glass

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