Review of The Gifted Double Finale Episode 1.12 and 1.13

Last night we saw the double finale episode of The Gifted’s first season and the best way for me to describe it was that is was certainly “action-packed!”

Reminder: these reviews focus on The Struckers.

All season long there have been differences between the mutants about how to do what’s best for the mutant population.  Just like the humans some favor trying to get along and others favor the fight.

Of course, it’s the endless comparison to struggles like racism, nationalism and more, and last night’s episodes showed how even those who are persecuted against will fight back when they see no other option. Unfortunately, the events that took place ended up driving a wedge between the Mutant community that will be very difficult to overcome.

Episode 12

The episode starts out with the Strucker family unpacking their things and settling back into the stronghold. However, with the escalation of the Hound program and Dr. Campbell is working his political connections to take the program nationally. This makes the need to stop it even more important.  Campbell is also looking into retrieving more of Otto Strucker’s research. This makes the Strucker extended family vulnerable, especially Reed’s mother.

Andy and Lauren are continuing to bicker over what is right and wrong to do. Andy obviously prefers the more violent side while Lauren hopes to find a way to coexist.

The Struckers decide that now his mother is in danger as Sentinel Services is looking for anyone who has information about Reed’s father, Otto’s research.  Therefore, it’s essential to warn her. Reed and Caitlyn arrive at her company they leave their children to stay in the car while they go in to get his mother.

While they are convincing her of the threat, Sentinel Services shows up outside. Meanwhile, Dr. Campbell meets up with Senator Matthew Montez at the Humanity Conference and convinces him how important it is to send out the right message to the mutants (not a good message either).

Andy and Lauren still outside the grandmother’s workplace see Sentinel Services arrive.  The divergent opinion of the siblings is now obvious and Lauren uses her powers to stop Andy from annihilating them. Just then, Reed, Caitlyn and Reed’s Mother, Ellen come out and they all leave to go to a safe place.

Once they are safe, Ellen remembers a woman she thought her husband was having an affair with that might be important. Her name is Madeline Rislin. It seems that she came to see Reed as a child when he was sick. Reed and Caitlyn immediately suspect that this could be a lead to help them find out more about Otto’s research. They decide it’s time to leave, but Ellen announces that she will not go with them, but instead hide out with a friend in Boca Ratan. The family says goodbye.

They return to the stronghold to do more research.  Lauren tells Caitlyn that something has happened to Andy saying, “he’s not the same anymore.

The Cookoo trio convinces the mutants to be more aggressive and, just like the Struckers, they are conflicted, but Lorna convinces them to go along. They capture Franklin Bennett and get him to do their will. They go to the Conference with Franklin to kill Dr. Campbell, but the attempt fails and they barely get out with their lives.

Episode 13

The family discusses Andy’s anger and it’s pretty apparent that they are in trouble as Andy leaves their area in the compound saying he “wants some space.” Campbell is about to take the Senator to DC to get more supporters and, like Andy, Lorna seems to also be drawn to the “other side.”  Lauren tries to talk to Andy and “help make things better” but, he will have none of it. Like Lorna, he is also losing hope for a peaceful end.

Sentinel Services learns of the attack at the conference and decides to take out the Mutant stronghold. The mutants decide that they must evacuate. Caitlyn gets the little ones out and also discovers a “way out” for the others through the safe. Meanwhile, as they break through the safe, Reed sets up their defenses and tells everyone that “we have a chance if we work together.

At the same time, Lorna and one of the Triplets go to the airport where Dr. Campbell and Senator Matthew Montez are preparing to take a private jet to DC.

While Caitlyn gets a crew to plow through the safe to find an escape, Reed and the others get their guns and prepare for the fight.

Reed, along with Andy and Lauren, fights the advancing Sentinel Services men and do well, but then, Sentinel Services unleashes the Hound Program men.

However, just when there seems to be no way out, they break through the safe and everyone moves forward to get out. However, Lorna does something that could mark the end of the peace for good; she blows up Dr. Campbell’s jet killing both passengers.  Now, there is no turning back.

Sentinel Services is almost in the building so, Andy and Lauren decide that the only way out for them is to join together and take out the whole building, destroying the hounds and everyone in the building.  The rest evacuate immediately running into the woods to freedom.

Andy and Lauren are successful and also are able to escape themselves without being hurt. Everyone then meets up at a Mutant way station in Nashville. But, with this incident, it’s clear that the lines have been drawn. Half of those in the station wants to be more aggressive and fight back and the others want to find a peaceful way out. Unfortunately, Andy takes the aggressive course along with Lorna and more who join with the Cuckoos to fight back and Reed, Caitlyn and Lauren see him leave with the others.


What did you think of this 2 episode finale? Are you looking forward to Season 2?


  1. I found these two episodes very watchable. Lots of surprises … the mutant underground destroyed. As to that, I wondered how Lauren and Andy managed to escape with their lives, since they were not that far from the invading Hounds who were wiped out. Back to surprises … the Strucker family split, as were the mutants, one group staying with Marcos, John, etc., and wanting a peaceful solution, the other going off with the Frost sisters (and that included Andy). I guess I wasn’t surprised that he’d go with the more violent of the two groups. He was tending in that direction. The plane crash … the senator’s dead and so is Campbell. Didn’t think we’d lose both this season. Appreciated getting a bit of background on Campbell. Lorna and Marcos split in their choices as to which group to follow. And Turner resigns. I wonder if that resignation will stick. However, he was right in that his bosses needed a scapegoat and he was elected.

    I was happy to see Sharon Gless back again as the Strucker grandma. I hope she returns. Sadly, she had to part with her family, and hopefully reached Boca Raton in safely.

    Just a couple of odd thoughts. I didn’t need the kiss between Clarise and John to tell me they were getting closer. It seemed out of place, with everything else going on. The mutant split seems really divisive. I wonder if there will ever be a reconciliation between the two sides.

    Just noticed Lorna’s green fingernails to match her green hair. She may be too busy to keep up her nails now that she’s thrown in her lot with the Frosts and plans on helping rebuild the Hellfire Club.

    One thing that’s puzzled me from the get go. The mutant underground building is huge. How come Sentinel Services never found them until now. We learned in Episode 13 that the condemned building was in some sort of toxic location. That could have been what kept Sentinel Services from tumbling to it as a mutant location.

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