Learn more about Reed Strucker’s family secrets

We already know from the synopsis for tonight’s episode of “The Gifted” Reed will be making a visit to his parents. Now it appears that somewill either be revealed tonight or in future episodes.

family secrets

Synopsis to episode 6: Determined to find out more information behind what Sentinel Services did to an old friend of his, Thunderbird spearheads a mission to get answers. Meanwhile, Lauren encounters a new friend with useful powers and Blink makes a big decision regarding her future in the all-new “got your siX” episode of THE GIFTED airing Monday, Nov. 6 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GIF-106) (TV-PG L, V)

And now we are learning that in future episode more mutant characters will be introduced. Some of them will bring answers for Reed Strucker, who might finally learn a big family secret.

Making their presence known in the episode two weeks away on Nov. 20 are Andreas (Paul Cooper) and Andrea Von Strucker (Caitlin Mehner).

But who are they in Reed’s life?

The twin siblings are the children of Baron Von Strucker, a known Marvel villain in the comic books. In “The Gifted,” Baron is Reed’s estranged father whom he visits in episode 8. Will Reed get the answers to why his children, Andy (Percy Hynes White) and Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind), developed mutant powers during this visit? Will the twins be on their side?

Before Reed’s discovery of the truth in his family, however, Thunderbird/John (Blair Redford) will also be on a quest for the truth in tonight’s episode which will find the members of the Mutant Underground back on Sentinel Services’ turf to help John.

He wants to get to the bottom of what the Sentinel Services did to his friend Pulse (Zach Roerig). The agency has been using his powers against the mutants but it looks like Pulse has no idea.

Blink/Claire (Jamie Chung), on the other hand, will have to decide if she’ll stick it out with Mutant Underground. She still feels betrayed upon knowing that Dreamer used her powers to manipulate her memory and placed her in an embarrassing situation with John. Is leaving the group is the best thing for Claire?

FOX has not yet given “The Gifted” additional episode orders on top of the 10 episodes previously ordered for season 1. The network has not also announced a second season renewal at this point.



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