Random Thoughts on Episode 3.08 Night On The Sun

Tonight’s offering of True blood, was, to quote a Billsbabe, “Epiconic”!

Although I feel that I am being redundant, after each episode I seem to always say, “best episode ever”. This week’s episode is no exception. Although I have a true affection for season 1, Season 3 has to be the most perfect of the three seasons. The directing, the writing, the acting, the special effects, just everything about this season is great.

Here are a few thoughts I have about this week’s offering, but first let me comment on a review I just read in the LA Times by Todd VanderWerff, who wrote, speaking of the episode and specifically about Bill and Sookie:

“I just wish that the whole episode hadn’t been a long journey to a place we already knew we were going back to and that it hadn’t undid one of its most interesting plot developments within the same exact episode. It makes it seem like the writers don’t have a great deal of confidence in their characters to sustain interest, outside of the way we first came to know them.

Here’s what I’m complaining about, less obliquely: In the first scene of the episode, Sookie breaks it off with Bill. Then, in the last scene, the two are back together again and having ravenous sex. I suspect that this is a part of a general motif in the episode, of people going back to things they should know are wrong for them, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating to have the show dangle a potentially interesting storyline — let’s see what Sookie and Bill are like apart, instead of together — then take it away from us within the same episode. Anyone who’s ever watched TV ever is going to know that these two are going to end up back together again by the end of the series. It’s just the way the medium works. But along the way, we should get some interesting stories of what they’re like both separate and apart. This episode is frustrating in that regard, though, again, it seems possible that this is all set-up for a more permanent break-up down the road.” LA Times review

First off, I wonder if Todd has read the books. Because if he has, he would know that it wasn’t obvious that Sookie would end up again with Bill. And to say that we didn’t get “some interesting stories” is just plain false.

It was very surprising to me that he thought the episode slow. Were we watching the same show?

This episode was full of action, especially the fight between Sookie and Debbie and the werewolves attacking her home. Slow is not what I found at all. Instead it was a rational bringing together of the season to this point and I think they did it quite well.

I loved both the beginning and the ending. I enjoyed watching the middle too when we didn’t know what will happen about Bill and Sookie and if they would get back together. I know that all the Team Bill people, as well as the Team Eric people, were surprised that Bill and Sookie got back together so quickly, i.e., in the same episode. So it wasn’t obvious by a long shot. And, I loved seeing such beautiful scenes between the characters and their relationships.

This is the first episode directed by a new True Blood director named Lesli Linka Glatter. She is quite proficient and I think she did a great job. This episode was also written by Raelle Tucker making it True Blood’s first completely woman driven offering. It didn’t escape my notice that all the women tonight were quite powerful. I am happy to see a woman directing and thought it gave a different slant and I just loved it.

The opening scene was heart wrenching between Bill and Sookie when he said “you’re afraid of me”, I felt for him so and even more so as they parted. When he tells her that he wants her to have the life she deserves and that he cannot give it to her and that he loves her and will forever, my heart sank. As Bill left the hospital I was saddened thinking their love was lost.

However at the end of the episode when they realized how strong their love is for each other and that they cannot live apart, it was fantastic. Thank you to Alan Ball for realizing what I have always said about Bill, that he didn’t realize what he was doing in the back of the van and would have stopped if he could have. In other words, he had no intention of harming Sookie; it was the vampire in him that made him do it. He is an animal and we have to recognize that about Bill and all vampires. I recognized it from the very beginning.

Eric seems to be on his path to revenge his family, but he has certainly taken a big step toward his possible destruction by killing off Talbot. The King is a very strong adversary as we saw when he was attacking Bill. Lucky for Bill, Eric killed Talbot just at the right moment to save him. “Thanks’ Eric!” Although I know Eric had no predisposition to save Bill, somehow I hope that their goal of overthrowing the King will unite them for the common good to fight him in future episodes. With Sookie’s help, I think they could just do it.

Sam seems to have adopted Tommy for the balance of the season, at least, and has now given him a job at Merlotte’s. I don’t think Tommy is going to be easy to control because he seems to want to settle everything with a fight. Hmmm, I wonder why? I can’t believe that he was willing to fight Hoyt who is easily twice his size. I so want Hoyt and Jessica back together, but I think that Tommy might be a new love interest for Jessica since she has decided to do the noble thing and “let Hoyt go”. I would advise Jessica, to give it up and just accept her love for Hoyt like Sookie and Bill have. It may not be perfect, but it’s “real”.

I love it when Jason gets all commando on us. He seems to have never grown up and is still playing GI Joe. Driving into Hot Shot like he did really took courage, but I believe it was more ignorance that gave him the strength to go there than it was courage. I worry that he has started something he won’t be able to control by opening up this “Pandora’s box” of Hot Shot. Since the folks in Hot Shot don’t seem like the kind of people you should be messing with, in fact, they creep me out more than the werewolves do and seem more dangerous because it’s hard to know what you are fighting.

However, even though I love Jason, the only complaint I have about this episode is that the story line of Crystal and Jason isn’t doing it for me. I don’t feel the love between them. Ryan Kwanten is a great actor and always does a fabulous job, but I just don’t feel it. Hopefully, we will get more to hold on to in future episodes.

The sex scenes in tonight’s episode were all really well done. For me, of course the last scene with Bill and Sookie finding each other was the best, but the scene between Jesus and Lafayette was really poignant and the viewer got to feel their genuine interest and desire for each other. I am happy for Lafayette who really needs this. Eric and Talbot’s encounter was interesting, but also sensual. Unfortunately, because I figured out what was going to happen before it did, I wasn’t surprised and therefore, didn’t have an opportunity to enjoy what I was watching. I will miss Talbot. He had some of the funniest lines in the series this season, I loved his interest in the finer things in life and although I understand why he went, it was a shame to see him go.

Talbot and Russell’s relationship, although full of squabbling and disagreements is a deep one that has been going on for over 700 years. As a result, Russell will not let Talbot’s death go unpunished and I believe that this will be a major storyline in the rest of the series. And, as I said above, I sure hope that the vampires, Bill and Eric, team up to fight together.

It was a treat to see Renee again, even if it was in Arlene’s dream. We know that her child is his and that Arlene is very vampirephobic. And for her own sanity and for her future relationship with Terry she should fess up and let him know the truth. I hope she does.

Speaking of dreams, I loved the one that Tara had. Obviously, drinking Franklin’s blood has done what it does for everyone and given her sexual dreams about him. I hope he isn’t gone, he was such a great character and although poor Tara doesn’t deserve to be abused anymore (I don’t see how she could take much more); he was a real highlight of this season.

Although we know that Sookie’s true love is Bill, she also seems to like Alcide and he appears to like her. I wonder if in future episodes if we will see something blossom between them as it did in the books. The scene they had together was very heartfelt. They like each other, but they know that their true love is elsewhere, Alcide for Debbie and Sookie for Bill.

Again, this was a great episode and I just hope that HBO continues to make me be redundant every week by topping themselves four more times.


  1. Is this Todd VanderWerff first True Blood episode?! Clearly, even if he didn’t read the books, he would know drinking a lot of vampire blood causes an increase in one’s libido. First off, we know Bill and Sookie aren’t going to be together forever – no matter if we want them to or not. Secondly, a slow yet growing bond between Sookie and Alcide which I think hints a probable relationship in the future. I totally agree, this episode was full of action, driven off rage and the pacing was spot on.

  2. Amazingly awesome episode!! The best yet! I couldnt have been happier when Bill and Sookie reunited at the end.

  3. Very good refresher, Lynn, as always.
    I love this episode and of course end av episode. . Although I know there is more pleasure than brain behind this decision, but it was -uff -what a wonderful decision, what amazing sex scene it was! Now I am so curious about what happens next week.

  4. One thing about Bill and Sookies…Reunion…it well, it doesnt necessarily mean theyre back together relationship wise.

    But anyhow, I did love the way she was almost pushing his head…and fangs away.I doubt she’ll ever let him feed from her again.

  5. Epiconic is appropriate for not only Bill, but the whole episode. As always I will concentrate on Bill:

    I loved the opening scene with Bill and Sookie. They both admit that they love one another. But, all the obstacles in their way are showing them that they can never have a “normal” relationship. I love how Bill took out the IV at the end of their conversation. Such symbolism in that. Is the “lifeline” gone for Sookie? Or will she realize that there is no “normal” and their love for one another is worth all the obstacles? Steve and Anna rocked that scene for all it was worth.

    Bill and Jessica. Pure gold. I really liked Bill realizing that releasing her will do her no good. They need each other. Loved the vampire defense class. Awesome. Loved Bill responding ” way” to Jessica’s “No way”. Hee. Even more awesome that Jessica totally wants Bill and Sookie together. More awesomeness followed when she first encountered Patrick Swayze’s brother in were form. The cute little “hi there” with a smile! Her and Bill teaming up was soo cool. I could go on and on about this daddy/daughter relationship.

    Loved Bill calling out Russell on hiding behind wolves and going after “baby vampires”. That was ballsy on Bill’s part, as he is quite young in the vampire hierarchy. How could anyone accuse Bill of being weak?

    The end: I didn’t see it coming, and it made it all the better. So much love for it. It was primal, carnal, aggressive. I especially loved how Sookie was the dominant one. Ride that horse gurl! She had her hands all over him, including both her hands grabbing onto Bill’s neck. I almost see that as Sookie’s way of saying that she wants to hurt him for what he did to her, but can’t. She loves him no matter what. I especially loved how he kept saying he was sorry. His attack on her is something he will never forgive himself for, even if Sookie does. I can’t wait to see the aftermath of that scene.

  6. Holy crapballs!! That ep was fan-freaking-tastic, no doubt. And yes, Lynn, it was truly “epiconic.” Hehehe.

    It’s taken me nearly 24 hours to process everything, and it will take many many many more viewings to catch every nuance (yes, “nuance” is what they’re calling it nowadays)…but all I can say for right now is DAMN.

    Damn, Bill and Sookie broke my heart in the hospital. When I realized he had literally been connected to her the whole time with the IV, I gasped in pain and shock. Their love is just so visceral, so real, it’s like something I’ve never seen on TV before.

    Damn, Bill and Jess have the most adorable maker/child relationship ever! They are so sweet together with their inappropriate chem and all. Loved the training, just love seeing them together and bonding. Jessica plopping on the sofa refusing to leave, and Bill eventually coming to her to comfort her as she cried was freaking beautiful.

    Damn, Sookie’s floors will sparkle once she and Bill finish buffing them! That scene was so hot, so unexpected, so…primal and delicious. Even with the prelude of love and apology, there was some anger there. I think Sookie might want to show Bill that with his blood in her and her own powers, she can take whatever he dishes out sexually and enjoy the hell out of it right along with him. I never thought a scene could rival graveyard sex for sheer passion and primal sexiness, but I’ll be damned if TB doesn’t know how to freaking exceed expectations. And then some…

    1. Couldn’t have said it any better…totally agree with your comments…thanks Lou. Much as I loved Season 1 (as any true Billsbabe would), Season 3 has been so phenomenal, and gets better each week. From the heartbreaking good-bye (Sookie crying as Bill left just sounded so real!) to the primal sex at the end…OMG!!!

  7. Cherie & Lou, I soo agree with both of you… I always thought Season 1 was my favorite, but each week this season just gets better and better… I was totally taken by surprise by the ending this week. I never expected Bill and Sookie to get back together so quickly. It was wonderful to watch. And I loved the scenes with Bill & Jessica also. I’ve never ever been so into a TV Show before. I can’t wait until next week.

  8. Lynn, a terrific review of epi 8. Kudos to you.

    Dropping by with some of my thoughts. Where to start …

    The hospital breakup was as sad as I envisioned. It is obvious that Bill and Sookie love one another, but there are so many problems. Vampire-human relationships are thorny ones. Their road will be rocky, but I believe the love will always be there, underlying the current danger-disaster. I expect another separation, this one a longer one.

    Ruby Jean is a hoot. She may be a schizophrenic, but as Jesus said, she is perceptive. What power does Lafayette possess? His mother speaks of it, as does Jesus. Looking forward to that reveal. The kissing scene between the boys was beautifully done IMO.

    Mama Mickens is out on her ear with her big suitcase and money from Sam … “it won’t get us very far” or words to that effect when she saw what he gave her. Well, duh, how about getting a job and earning a living the honest way. Sam wants to help Tommy and give him a fresh start. “College” … oh Sam, he’s not tending in that direction. I think Tommy’s going to be hard to handle. He was ready to fight Calvin and Felton, as well as Hoyt. Sam has his hands full with that one.

    Bill and Jessica … the training, her not wanting to be alone, his believing he should release her for her own well being, their discussing the ones they love. A wonderful in-depth conversation as well as Vampire Speed Training 101. They need each other, and I’m glad they are remaining together where they belong. Jessica did her part in disposing of the were Russell sent after her. Bye, bye, Gus. It was nice knowing you … okay, sort of.

    Poor Tara has been totally traumatized by Franklin. She’s not ready to talk about her experiences. I hope she can open up to someone … Lafayette might be the best person since Sookie has a very full plate at present. I have this feeling that even though Franklin’s brains and blood stained the guest linens, he is not dead. I hope not. He is a psycho, but a fabulous one. I want him back.

    Jason and Crystal … I’m having some difficulty with this relationship. I just don’t feel it. Maybe that will change. But for now their chemistry isn’t doing it for me. Jason, luv, what were you thinking, going to Hot Shot all by your lonesome. There are some nasty folks in that community, and Calvin and Felton head the list.

    Hadley’s visit to Sookie seemed disjointed and out of sync for me. I thought it would be more of a developing scene. It was abrupt. She was in, gave her warning about Russell and Bill and then left. She didn’t even learn that gran had died.

    I will miss Talbot … his snarky comments, colorful remarks, concern for his home. I’m sorry we had to lose him. He was a great character. Eric took his revenge on Russell. Now the king will want to take his. Talbot’s demise saved Bill from a world of hurt since it called Russell home in the nick of time. I see he flies just like Eric.

    Holly’s intro … she appears a tough, no-nonsense girl. She should fit right in at Merlottes.

    Best for last … the knock-down, drag-out between Debbie and Sookie. Great fight. And the Bill-Sookie primal sex. I loved every second of it. Wish it had been longer. She was the aggressor, pushed him down, took control. Yesss!!! This was totally unexpected and that made it all the sweeter (not exactly the right word but you know what I mean) for me.

    A great episode … had me on the edge of my seat.

    1. Rowena, I believe Sookie did tell Hadley Gran had passed. Hadley was crying and said Gran was fine wherever she is but she and Sookie are the ones that are f’ed. I would have liked to see them chat longer but perhaps in another episode. Surely Sookie picked up on Hadley being afraid of Eric and that he done something to her.

  9. Love Bill and Sookie, and always will. Cheers to the fantastic group of people who make up True Blood, you guys are the best!!!!!!!!

    This season has been – WOW. The cast works well together, the chemistry is top notch!

  10. Heartbreak, ILY’s, tearful goodbyes, passionate reunion with hugging & kissing, more ILY’s AND sex – what more could I hope for? Okay, maybe I can think of something, but I don’t want to appear ungrateful.
    Loved the Bill and Jessica scenes too, and Bill goading the king so Jess could escape. Another amazing episode from Stephen.

  11. Loved Loved Loved this ep is my Fav the first scene with Bill and Sookie was heartbreacking to watch you can see that they realliy do Love each other and that it is True Love I dident like to see Bill and Sookie crying it was so sad to see I Love Bill and Jessica scences were Bill was teaching her how to take care of her self and then they went to Sookies house to protect her from the wores and when Jess waved to the werewolfe and side hi so funny and the scene were Sookie was fighting with Debbie go Sookie kick her ass and then she told her to get out of her house so she jumped out the window and turned in to a were Sookie look out and turned to look at her door to see Bill runing fast to save her I was so happy to see them back togather and then they whent to each outher and she side I Love you and he side I am sorry over and over and she side I love you again and then they kissed and then they had sex on Sookies floor it should have been longer I cant wait to see what happens next after the sex scene True Blood is the best TV show ever go team BillandSookie4ever and go team Bill4ever cant wait till next week

  12. The best episode so far this season…finally, Sookie and Bill have sex, that has been a lonnnnnnng time, since Dallas, Season 2…but Sookie is changing, as we could well see, and about time. She has been “reacting” to everything, and now its time to take charge..
    Loved the Bill and Jessica scenes…oh yeah, over on the IMDb board, the talk about Eric saving Bill’s “life”….we all know if Eric had any clue about the rumble between Bill and the King, he would have added about 10 more minutes of play with Talbot..
    Thought it was cool when the director and writer talked about “Sookie” and “Debbie” doing all their own stunts…no stuntwomen..

  13. loved this episode. everyone is finding their power.

    stephen moyer, you are a wonder. i keep thinking i’ve seen your best, and then you show yet another layer.
    bill and jess had their magic back. love the way they came to sookies aid. as a team they are just a super-vampire beast! no way. way!
    sookie is beginning to think. altho this is not natural to her and her brother, it is a good thing.
    russell, what goes around…
    tommy, you little scrapper. i don’t know if i wanna kiss you or tie you in the backyard. geld this boy for his own good, sam!
    arlene,arlene,arlene…arlene,arlene. same to you, jason!! do the right thing!
    tara, i would love to help you review your lessons learned, but i don’t
    know what they are yet.
    love you alfre woodard! aint you fancy? and you’ve come home to protect your boy. i see witches in our future! now where the clicker?
    i’m so moved by the affection between jesus and lafayette. yet i don’t trust jesus. time will tell.
    what was that thing in the barn in hotshot? worse yet, what was it eating?
    love the scene where debbie pelt and the two wolves approach sookies house. that right there is the mother of bada** bi*ches! loved the girlfight. sookie got her WWF on! why didn’t you shoot her??? whatever, sookie!!
    with bill, jess sees that she is not a disaster as a vampire.
    great scene between eric and talbot. eric, ever the pragmatist, gains the advantage via stealth and deception. pattern???
    bill and sookie at the end…a pure vision of the passionate tumult that is their relationship.
    and we get some bill and sookie sex!

  14. This season is like a runaway train , there is no stopping it. TB is simply remarkable this season.

    Our star crossed lovers part with broken hearts ,tears flowing with blood dripping on the floor
    I was feeling pretty verklempt myself. The romantic in me says they can overcome any and all

    Here comes the bride with all her bags and birds. I think the honeymoon is over.
    Talbot the Martha Stewart of the vamp world was at the end of his rope with his prized home
    being invaded and wrecked. He wasn’t very savvy and was easily distracted and manipulated by the king and later Eric.

    Jessica was so happy to see her daddy. Fearing for her safety Bill tries unsuccessfully to push her away.
    I really love our baby vamp . It was wonderful to see them bond and him training her to fight weres.
    Good girl telling Bill that Sookie had been wearing his ring while searching for him. Nice to know she
    is in their corner. I enjoy their maker and child scenes very much. Now please if Jessica would
    give Hoyt a chance. They are so lovesick for each other.

    Back at Casa de Stackhouse sitting on the sofa de mope were Sookie and Alcide when in burst Jason with Andy in tow.
    Arrest the fanger Andy, just not sure on what charge. Sookie sets them straight that Bill just did what came naturally to him.
    Alcide I like you so far but don’t be pointing your paw at Bill and growling that is “no excuse.” What was your excuse for shifting
    at Lou Pines? Nature right? Sookie barely escaped that by the hair of her chinny chin chin.
    Just go chase your tail for awhile, back off Bill or you may wake up neutered .
    Andy was the voice of reason , plus I think he would be perplexed as to how to arrest a vampire.

    I love Tara’s loyalty to Sookie but she is in serious need of some help and she needs to stop being so judgemental
    about Bill and Sookie’s life when hers is in shambles. Lafayette had to intervene at the hospital and she is has ptsd
    from both Eggs and Franklin. She is wound tighter than a yoyo.

    Sam’s has his hands full with little brother Tommy. He is a scrappy kid . I think he may have further run ins with the
    Hotshot boys and it will not end well. How dare Tommy speak to Hoyt like that?

    Arlene you have to tell Terry the truth or Renee will continue to haunt you. Terry is a good man so I doubt he will abandon you.
    There is more to Holly than meets the eye.

    I’m just not feeling Jason and Crystal yet. Why is he attracted to such strange girls like Crystal and Amy?

    Poor Talbot ended up being the sacrificial lamb. I understand striking where your enemy is weak but Talbot was not responsible
    for what happened to Eric’s family. I’ll miss him. I wonder who Eric will try to blame for Talbot’s death? The fall out should be interesting.

    Sookie all alone and vunerable with a scrapebook she has started . Only one picture and page after empty page Sookie realizes
    her life be will as empty without Bill. Due to Hadley’s warning Sookie waits for trouble soon to arrive but she isn’t alone. Bill and Jess
    appear and take on the wolves. Demented Debbie got more than she bargained for fighting Sook all amped up on Bill’s blood. I wondered
    why Sook did not use her microwave hands. Sook should have shot Debbie .

    That bastard Russell hurt our baby vamp. Bill knowing he stood little chance against such an old vamp, did what he had to save his child and Sookie.
    Luckily RE felt Talbot’s demise and flew off. Jess was robustly enjoying a late night snack as forlorn Hoyt drove by.
    Even if it is short lived Sookie and Bill had one hell of a reunion. I almost fell out of my chair. She loves him as she said over and over.
    They have rough times ahead but their true and undying love will always draw them to each other.

  15. These are such great comments Kudos to all! Here’s mine:
    I will miss Talbot – great character, great one-liners…..burying werewolves under the gazebo…… Loved it!
    Opening scene with Sookie and Bill in the hospital: I cry every time I see it, even after 3 viewings! Beautifully rendered – heartbreaking.
    Alcide and Sookie: Maybe something will develop, hard to say, but they do have feelings for each other, that’s for sure. Touching good-by scene. He’s growing on me.
    Jason and Crystal: I don’t know, something’s missing there. She’s a little passive-aggressive or something- just dumb?
    Lafayette and Jesus: They definitely have chemistry. I am just waiting this one out – something will surface-maybe about Jesus ?
    Debbie and Sookie: Great fight scene. I had no idea they didn’t use any stunt people – WOW, that’s impressive! (Anna Paquin boxes.)
    Last scene: Well, that was a shocker! Started out so sweet- “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”……”I love you, I love you”………… And then- crazy,wild sex, fueled by Bill’s vampire blood, ending up with each having their hands on each other’s throat! I don’t know, a little S & M looking? I cannot tell if this is a reunion, or just a “take 5” intermezzo in their break-up. Sunday should tell the story-can’t wait!

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