Proud Daddy Bill Compton Gives his daughter away

One of the lovely moments in the finale episode of True Blood last night was the impromptu wedding of Jessica and Hoyt. At the wedding, Bill Compton gave away the bride while Andy Bellefleur conducted the ceremony. Also attending the wedding were Jason, Sookie, Holly and Arlene, who watched on as the couple said their vows.

Jessica writes on her blog:

Having this blog as a record of my early memories in Bon Temps — it means the world to me. I’ve got one last thing to share before I sign off for good. Pictures from my wedding! Can you believe it? Hoyt and I are married! It all happened so fast but I’m glad we took the leap. It just feels right to be on this journey with him.

You’ve all felt like my family, and even though you couldn’t be there to share the big day with me, I know you were all there in spirit.

By the way, my favorite picture is Hoyt sitting in Bill’s chair looking very “stately.” Perhaps he has a new calling — mayor? I may be overreaching, but I wouldn’t mind being first lady of Bon Temps…

Forever yours,

Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry

Photos that make a lovely album for Jessica and Hoyt to cherish are below along with some candids by Holly Cleary.

photogallerySee all the photos from the wedding in our Jessica and Hoyt Wedding Photo Gallery.





  1. I’m so sad today. It’s probably stupid, but I feel like I lost a whole group of friends last night. It’s a difficult good bye and not one I chose. Thanks for everything you guys, and good luck in your future endeavors.

  2. I nearly cried too during this scene. I’m so happy Hoyt and Jessica are back together and got married. Jason has something way better. A future with kids that’s awesome.

  3. I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY Barbara ….When sookie did what she had to do i felt like i lost someone .I do feel like i lost a bunch of friends too feel better ..N by the way i cried like a baby ,your feelings r never stupid they r unique …

  4. Me too girls I have seen for the third time and I still get tears in my eyes I have been watching it since the first season and I have bought every season except season 5 but I have hbo and I can started it again :(

  5. I will miss this show.. so much.. once I learned this was last season I went and bought all seasons which I play on my bedroom tv everyday after work..

  6. I’m already re-watching season one. It’s so sad knowing they don’t end up together in the end. I try to think positive and find some joy in them having their happily ever after in reality.

  7. I will definetly miss you and the others I love all you it is to bad thing come to a dead end so I will miss you all just like thousands you all are great thank you for a great series

  8. Watching Sookie do what she did last night was so hard. My heart was so broken. I love this show and the characters. Bill dying. Ugh. I bawled my eyes out

  9. Such a lovely post! I can’t stand the haters. There is no good way for this to end because we don’t want it to…..I will miss these friends, too!

  10. I think folks who hate the ending do understand you do not need to see sookies husband ….pam and eric are still together owning a global business….. hoyt came back and killed his moms murderer and. Yes bill set sookie free cause he loved her soooo and she can have a life and kids

  11. happy for Jessika and Hoyt ,but why Bill have to die? if he was with Sookie of the end -will be better end :( So sad for Bill..or may be that Bill wanted -to die and Sookie to be somebody else and have normal life

  12. After each season my husband went and bought them for me. I to have been playing them everyday after work in my bedroom. But after last night, I want to cry because of the it ended. I hated this ending so much I feel sick..

  13. People know it aired last night and come on here and fuss because we discuss the episode. Don’t come on if you don’t want to know.

  14. Jessica made such a beautiful bride, and Hoyt was so grown up since he left and came back….I always knew they were meant to be together!!!

  15. I liked the ending, after so much crazy , that Bill really loved Sookie and loved her enough to know she would stay with and give up having children and I think he was ready to go anyway, he was missing his 1st family. I loved every season and I loved the end. I miss all fun and the great music !!! Thanks for a great 7 seasons !!!!!!

  16. If Bill had not died Sooki would have not had a normal life, he wanted better for her then he could do. Sooki always wanted children, neither Eric nor Bill could have given any!

  17. I just checked them out in the wedding photo gallery.  Beautiful pictures.  They brought a few tears (that’s been happening a lot lately).  My favorites are the ones of Bill and Jessica.

  18. It so not stupid. I could barely function today. I felt like I lost family. It has been an awesome ride. Will miss them terribly.

  19. i feel the same way , it’s a great loss, they have been in our homes for the past 7 years , of course we feel a loss , we have gotten to know all of them on a very intimate level , i will miss the True Blood family every Sunday night , but i will take heart in the fact that i have most of the DVDs and eagerly await season 7’s release… i will have to figure out how to fill that time slot ….aaah i will have to fill it by watching the series all over again ;) , THANK YOU for a wonderful 7 years to Allen Ball , our beloved Sookie ( A.P ) and Bill ( S.M) and the rest of the True Blood cast Love you all

  20. That felt rushed really rushed why do shows rush everything if it’s the end they have that time to do something beautiful

  21. Sookie a human and a vampire cannot be happy together! But let me awkwardly force the idea of marriage after one day to my daughter!!

  22. Love the show will miss it deeply and the ending was really good it showed how they were moving on in life they all lost loved one’s. :'(

  23. I love the fact that Jessica and her boyfriend got back together and they got married after Jason seduced her they had a falling out and they had to erase is memory Jason Stackhouse screwed lots of peoples girlfriend that Jason Stackhouse 1 man that’s worthy of my love in that for sure

  24. Actually Bill grabbed the stake and pulled it down on himself cause Sookie wouldn’t stake Bill. Sookie and Bill’s hands were together on that stake, though.

  25. I taped the last season and have watched it many times over but I honestly can say I don’t think I will ever watch the finale again! It was too heartbreaking. I cried happy tears during the wedding and sad tears at the same time. When Sookie starting hearing Bill’s thoughts I broke down and cried. I was so afraid Bill was going to die during the wedding. It’s hard to believe he is really gone! He has been an amazingly strong character. It has been such a wonderful ride! You will all be missed!!!

  26. Loved it,bit rushed though…loved Bill Compton,so sorry Buckner and the HBO leaders decided to make him die!!! They totally blew up the ending!! So sad… RIP TRUE BLOOD… :(

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