Promo No. 5 poster for True Blood Season 3: Missing Bill

Here’s the latest poster from the series of posters promised by HBO until True Blood Season 3 begins on June 13. As you can see, this one is about our missing Bill. Because the Billsbabes have been looking frantically for Bill since the end of season 2, we’re thrilled to see this and happy that HBO is now making the search “official” with this poster.

Missing Bill



    1. Shad, I think HBO has inspired a bit by all the “missing Bill” items and “free Bill” here on the forum. :::))))))

      1. LOL, if we continue forward, you have to wonder what POWER Billsbabes and these forums have that even HBO has been inspired by them. BRAVO! !

      2. Shad, that was totally my first thought when I saw this poster. IMO you should consider it an homage!

      3. The missing Bill poster wasn’t my idea, Willkill4bill and Lynnpd take credit for that on. I did the Free Bill t-shirts.

  1. Yes, definitely my favorite. Need to pop over to the Billsbabe’s Shoppe and get one of the “Free Bill” shirts. And I’ve wondered how much Steve weighed; knew he was 5’10”; so…165 lbs. All lean muscle, of course. Just a perfect size.

  2. i took him, he’s here at my house, but don’t worry, i’m keeping him fed and satisfied. and i’m picking the straw from his backside.

  3. My, my, doesn’t he look handsome. I want to see slightly uncomfortable bashfull Bill again. Bloody, bad-ass Bill will do for a while, but this is the Bill I fell for.

  4. I’m with wiwa, this is the Bill I fell in love with. Looking forward to some badass Bill next season though, since season two didn’t do him justice.

    LOVE the promo, BTW….it’s definitely the best one yet! The only way they could make a better one would be if they put a picture of Bill from that tiny clip…the nakey Bill :P

  5. All right. Now that’s more like it. Bill front and center. The babes have been searching high and low and will continue to do so. We need all the help we can get. Where are you, Bill Compton, you darling man … uh … vampire? We need you back in the fold ASAP.

    Great promo. Thank you, HBO.

  6. It’s no surprise that this is my favorite one so far! Bill, we’re on the hunt! Your safe return is the Billsbabes #1 priority.

  7. That is a picture of Bill from Season 1, isn’t it…I agree, WIWA; that is the Bill I fell for, the “I can smell the sunlight on your skin” Bill…slightly shy, romantic, yet dangerous.

  8. The posters had been losing me lately, but this one is very cute. Where oh where is m’Bill? I guess we’ll find out June 13 – hurry up, True Blood!! We’re ready…

  9. I really miss Bill. It seems like ages since we have spent time with him. I appreciate the little tidbits they have released on him but I need a real Bill fix asap.

  10. This is only the BEST promo yet! Thanks HBO, wherever you got your inspiration from, you hit the ball out of the park. Can hardly wait to see our lovely Bill whether sweet, bashful, tormented or badass. Bring on Season 3!

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