UK Promo for Stephen Moyer’s The Bastard Executioner

The Bastard Executioner

The Bastard Executioner will finally be seen in the UK on TV!  The series starts on HISTORY.UK tonight.  The United Kingdom fans didn’t get to see the series when it aired last year in the US and elsewhere, but now is their chance.

The Bastard Executioner tells the story of a warrior knight, Wilkin Brattle, in King Edward I charge who is broken by the ravages of war and vows to lay down his sword. But when that violence finds him again, he is forced to pick up the bloodiest sword of all.

Below is the UK promo for the series which is very different from the one we saw:

See the original promo for The Bastard Executioner that was released in the USA, which was completely different from the very “rock ‘n roll” version presented above:

For all the UK fans who are just getting up to speed on TBX, we a very extensive section here devoted to Stephen’s amazing performance in The Bastard Executioner. Look for photos, episode reviews, videos, and much more by clicking on the image below:

The Bastard Executioner

AND, be sure to read our episode reviews “MILUS MUSINGS” here:




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