1. Can’t bear to watch yet. Will watch show 9 here in Cali in 45 min. and watch the final episode next week with no promos before that. Have watched it since day one and will watch the last in its own time…….. sure will miss it.

  2. I just cannot believe we are here….the end of True Blood….it breaks my heart knowing I will not see them all together again. The show was the first of its kind..love the cast…everyone of them…what we need is a film. What do you think?

  3. I can’t believe next week is the last show but trust me when I say bill and sookie do get back together

  4. I read a comment by Brian Buckner how it ends. True Alan Ball style. I am so grateful. After 7 years together we will need the closure.

  5. I have to believe that for once love will find a way for Bill and Sookie to be together…their bond is so strong and has been since the very first episode of True Blood.

  6. I am so sad that it’s ending but all i really hope for is that Bill and Sookie live or both be vampires and stay together forever.

  7. It was a pleasure Mr. AllStephenMoyer sorry this journey has to come to an end I thank you but wth(heck) am I supposed to do now? Have a wonderful day! :-)

  8. Sookie cant let go!!!!! how are we supposed to let go????? hight ligh in tv for the week for a long time. Now what????

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