Video Preview of True Blood’s Episode 7.09 ‘Love Is To Die’

PROMOVID7-300Below is the promo for next week’s True Blood’s upcoming episode, 7.09 “Love Is To Die.”

The first video is a preview for 7.09 and the second is a lovely and touching video for Jessica’s Blog that includes Bill Compton.


Also, on Jessica’s Blog we find that she is filming Bill because she doesn’t have him in her blog. The title is “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” The scene between Jess and her maker is quite beautiful and touching and so worth a look! I love what Bill says, “It’s our flaws that make us worthy of love.”

Watch it below:



  1. I really am disliking the writers now .. Don’t let that gorgeous hunk die he and sookie should be together…

  2. He is gonna take the cure and he will live happily even after with Sookie. THat’s the end we have to see!!! #TeamBillAndSookie forever!!!

  3. Bill wants to do what’s right for sookie..and I bet eric will spend the rest of his life protecting her..but letting her have a human life

  4. I honestly had a feeling that Bill was going to die in the end because everyone kept saying it was going to be a true shocker. Well…that’s a shocker! A very sad one at that. :-(

  5. I have loved Bill from day one I always hoped he and Skokie would reunite but I do believe to he will die I wish not but its true blood ppl

  6. I have been addicted since accidentally coming across the pilot…… long before it was a show….. and it sux its already coming to an end……

  7. No que no mueraaaaaaaaaa U0001f62bU0001f62bU0001f62bU0001f62bU0001f62bU0001f62bU0001f62bU0001f62bU0001f62bU0001f62b

  8. I don’t see any of the hep v veins… I watched the episode tonight is this from tonight bc I don’t remember this but I know Jessica was wearing that when hoyte came

  9. Jessica’s blog has been a true gift all these years and this entry, which I consider a bonus scene for the epi, is a gem

  10. If bill die i want to die too. That will be the greatest failure because bill and sookie and i need a happened ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I have a feeling bills done with next wk. I really hope not but that would be a huge disappointment since bill and sookie are the reason I got hooked on this show.

  12. Beautiful and touching vlog.  “Our faults make us worthy of love.”  Sweet scenes between Jess and Bill.  I can’t do the preview for 7.09 yet.  It’s too soon for me.  I’m still digesting 7.08.

  13. Beautiful blog entry. the best yet. this season has been such an emotional ride i can’t get over it. it’s haunting and sad both.

  14. I have to admit…Bill and Eric, both are very handsome vamps, but I chose vampire Bill – not just for his look but for his charming character as well. Lol

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