Preview of True Blood’s Episode 7.08 ‘Almost Home

PROMOVID7Below is the promo for next week’s True Blood’s Episode 8 of Season 7 titled “Almost Home.”

Hoyt, Bridgette and Jason are looking at family photos and Bridget talks about having children with Hoyt; but he doesn’t seem so keen.

Watch it below:






  1. Hoyt just put a serious damper on Bridget’s plans and dreams.  However, the timing of her comments wasn’t the best.  He’s not thinking about babies right not … far from it.  Thanks for the peek ahead.

  2. Remember, Jessica wiped his memory of all of the past where he met her so his experiences shaped him differently. IMHO anyway :)

  3. Poor bill! I hope Eric don’t kill her before they get the cure but we know his temper lol we know how show ends sucks….and Hoyt lol Jason can’t help His self …. really hate this show ending!

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