1. Another high octane episode.  Sookie running in the white dress … just like in Season 1.  And Jess’s blog, lamenting how little she knows about her maker’s life, especially his human life.  What will she do in this big house without him?  She almost seems resigned to losing him.

  2. thanks for posting both of those! hopefully they can get Sarah to bill or Eric can help save them both. great episode tonight.

  3. So far this season has really done themselves proud imo. I have loved every single episode better than the one before. I expect #7 to be even better too. I think the writer’s are giving us one heck of a last season!
    Hopefully the “cure” (aka Sarah Newlin or “NewMe” lol) will be found and used to cure our favorites just in time and then they can synthesize a cure for all from her blood. that would be a great ending and I am loving that it looks like all our favorites will survive. at least most of them so far. 
    Thanks for the heads up and both videos, Lynn and Shad. you guys have really gone above and beyond for seven years now and you deserve awards for your generous and hard work! xoxoxo

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