Preview of True Blood’s Episode 7.05 ‘Lost Cause’

PREVIEWASMBelow is the promo for next week’s True Blood’s episode 7.05 titled, “Lost Cause.”

Ep. 75: Preview

And here’s a video from Jessica’s blog. She talks about drinking Lafayette’s blood and how good she now feels and she thanks everyone in case she dies just when Violet walks in.



  1. Great episode. Looks like Sook was giving Eric the love look. I love Bill. I think she will save Eric.

  2. Great season so far! I predict Sookie will go back to the roots of the show when it became all about her n Bill :-D

  3. “Lost
    Cause” doesn’t bode well for our vamp-human band of brothers and
    sisters.  As for Violet … she is one scary chick.  No wonder Jessica
    was left speechless.  Thanks for providing both the promo and Jess’s blog.

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