1. Heart breaking to see alcide go but I always wanted sookie and bill together. I was in utter shock when alcide died

  2. Because it is going to end with probably 2 main characters alive since it is the last season. :(

  3. Killing them off so quickly and without much mourning maybe its just a dream Sookie wake up last episode. .lol

  4. I’m so F*cking pissed off ! With all the unimportant actors and actresses on the show you kill Alcide ! Ahhhhhhhh . Come on I loved him on there . I now he’s probably shooting a movie it’s cool . But still :( . R.I .P .

  5. Well we finally got our answer .. tara met the truth death ! ( TEARS ) but i bet Lettie mae staked her !!

  6. I though it was time for Lafaget to die and be reunited with the love of his life. So sad it was Alcide :-( I don’t understand was is going on with Jessica why she do not heal ….anyone know why?

  7. Aww…Alcide…I’m bummed!! Don’t care much about Maxine tho…she had it coming going off on Jessica like she did..Glad that Alcide wasn’t saved by becoming a vamp. He was wolf all the way and needed to leave as is…

  8. love True blood watched every season hope their not going out killing everyone and leaving us with sookie and bill .

  9. Alcide . Didn’t see that coming, but I’ve been a Sookie and Bill fan since day 1. #TrueToTheEnd #TeamWilliam

  10. I knew alcide wouldnt live long this season by a pic I seen of sookie covered in vampire blood n shes weeping over someone with dark wavy hair just like alcides hair .R.I.P. MR SEXY ASS ALCIDE WILL MISS YR HOT BODY :(

  11. People need to stop knocking my favorite vampire Bill its sad about alcide dieing .ill miss him but alcide n sookie had no chemistry n bill n sookie belong together there a better couple leave bill alone im happy hoyts mom is finally dead bout time

  12. I agree! I cried when Alcide was shot1 :'( First Tara and now Alcide! :'( I hate that this is their very last season! makes me so sad! :(

  13. Nikkita Cafeland Addison I been saying same thing taras own mother staked her now Tara is haunting her I hope a hep v gets lettie mae n eats her .

  14. To say I was gobsmacked when Alcide got killed is an understatement!! But when Maxine Foytenberry got hers I was like….YESSSSS!! lol

  15. That totally sucked when they killed Alcide!! I loved that wolf! Why did they even put him with Sookie if they were going to kill him pretty much right after..Oh well they are just brining it back to Sookie and Bill for the finale so let it be I guess. RIP Alcide you will be missed you sexy wolf!

  16. I didn’t see it coming and while I prefer Sookie with Bill too, he didn’t have to die. :( But I am guessing most of our favorites will die this season.

  17. I want Bill and Sookie together too but wish they hadn’t killed off Alcide. :( That was such a shock. Maxine I am glad is finally gone. She deserved it. I figure all the mains will be killed off but like 2 or 3.

  18. I liked it when she asked Bill had he went to six flags, lol. Bill is too classy and sexy to get on the free fall lol

  19. Bills a sneaky snake. So…he had more or less a transfusion and isn’t the same? Are you kidding lmao There’s no way getting “mostly” new blood would wipe out all the connections a vampire has…to a progeny too? Remember when he was almost dead and Sookie fed him and he almost killed her? Did that wipe out any connections? People kill me how they always think Bill is a good guy.

  20. That sounds exactly like that hag Lettie. I cried when Tara died…I thought Lettie would have hep v and give it to her tho. Wasn’t expecting her to die so suddenly.

  21. I would like Alcide come back as a vampire..he is really handsome and very Nice actor too..!!

  22. i AM looking forward to next week. the promo shows Bill in action and I think and hope we will get more Sookie and Bill in the next episode. love that video! 
    Poor Arlene. i just hope they get there in time to save her. she has three kids who need her. (wonder where they are? safe i hope…)
    Surprised at Alcide’s ending but it had to come. Not surprised at Maxine’s and i loved it! she’s easy to dislike which means she is a great actress!
    Jessica has to feed!!!!!

  23. Poor Alcide!”U are not good enough, U can growl all U want bright eyes,it doesn’t change the truth” said bill. His love was not sufficient for sook.

  24. I stopped watching this year–the episode so sickened me and the soft porn i am sick of if i wanted to watch fukkin porn i would but I don’t can’t we have A GOOd ol fashioned vampire show? geezus what a sick perverted twisted society we are becoming

  25. I want to look at next week but I am afraid.. I love this show, I can’t believe it’s ending.. I just hope that Bill and Sookie end up together..

  26. Alcide dying was soo soo sad please bring him back he’s a great guy/wolf but I do Love Bill & Sookie

  27. Im kinda gettin the vibe that Bill & Sookie are gona wind up back together & im feelin a vibe that he’s gona turn her & they’ll walk the rest of their time.on earth together.

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