1. Krysta Jade Boyd I know you like true blood. This is a preview of the next episode if your caught up that is.

  2. Yeah Kelsie Phillips it’s crazy that all of this madness is going on. It seems like they would need another season… I just don’t want it to end. And it is bullshit what happened to Eric! I hope they can cure him!

  3. I am struggling to get thru season 6. I was really hoping season 7 would be more fun like the first 2 seasons. Bummer

  4. true blood getting better and better and when you watch it from season 1 till this now everything makes sense, just perfect

  5. happy!happy! last night when Sookie realied it was going to end she went to Bill to be her protector!! fantastic!

  6. Wow, this preview suggests that many of the characters are at risk of meeting the true death: Sam, Laffy, Eric… Looking forward to next Sunday, but at the same time, I don’t want to rush it. TB will be over too soon.

  7. I was expecting death but it still made me cry. First tara, now erics sick….i love the emotianol rollercoaster this show has got me on!!

  8. How did your parents make someone so strikingly handsome…also Eric has to bounce back and save someone…and come on Bill and Sookie:)

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