Pre-Order True Blood the Complete Series 1-7

The entire series of True Blood, Season 1 through 7 are available already for pre-order on Blu-Ray and DVD on Get on over to reserve your copy to save for all time.

These listings are prior to the official HBO Home Video announcement for the title, though, so instead of a street date Amazon only says This title has not yet been released. You may pre-order it now and we will deliver it to you when it arrives.<

Pricing is available, however, currently showing $249.99 SRP for the standard DVD and $299.98 SRP for the Blu-ray set (you can, of course, guarantee your copy right away at a discounted price, if you order it using either of the links below).

trueblood-complete-series-allseasonsPre- order by clicking on the Amazon link below:

True Blood: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]



  1. No word yet Makis on the UK version, probably waiting for the season to end there first. Look for it soon though.

  2. I don’t want the last see season. It was absolute garbage. I will take the ending I made up and pretend that travesty last week never happened

  3. I already have DVDs for several seasons; I’m not sure what I want to do about S 7.  To order them all as suggested above … even if I had no DVD’s I don’t have the spare dollars to do seven at a clip.

  4. What about this all 7 seasons on DVD like this is there going to be one like this or no just on blue ray ??????????????????

  5. Exactly what I need, I didn’t have any DVD’s of the show.  Even though the show didn’t end the way I wanted it to, the final scene with Sookie and Bill was absolutely beautifully done.  Their connection to each other is so strong, I can’t not watch it, even though I cry every time.  I loved season 6.  I thought Bill turning bad was really intriguing and it showed Stephen’s range as an actor.  Thanks for the info, i will be ordering the set for sure.

  6. Rowena75 not likely. i have six seasons on DVD/BLU RAY and season seven DVR’d. not likely to give them any more money after this season’s finale`. i will keep my money for another show on Starz or Cinemax or something.

  7. I hate when they do this, bring out a boxed collection when you already have most of the individuals.

  8. The worst ending of a series ever…..Alan ball fu xv ked it up…..Do save ya money u will b disappointed in the endU0001f620U0001f620U0001f620U0001f620

  9. I have all 6 now, but just need 7 and so I will pre order it, and that way when it does come out, I will have it! YEAH! Mising it already! :/

  10. Willkill4Bill I agree. the box looks nasty. like they cropped a bunch of photos and mashed them together. Even Bill looks Asian! not going to buy season seven or this stupid grab for money for all of them in a horrible looking box. will spend my money on something else.

  11. Bills true death was pointless. It was a terrible ending to an awesome show. The real Bill Compton would never kill himself. It solved nothing! Sookie could’ve still went with another vampire after Bill’s death and if they stayed together they could’ve adopted or Sookie could of been artificially inseminated. All in all it was a huge disappointment!!!
    I challenge HBO and the writers of True Blood to redo the ending and make it more realistic and a better ending to a true love story!!!

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