Praise for Stephen Moyer in The Sound of Music

While America has gone to bed, I am checking out the reactions and the comments that were made during the live performance of the Sound of Music. There are lots of videos up on NBC but unfortunately they are only available in the USA. Since I live in Europe I haven’t seen any of it myself yet, but judging from the Twitter buzz the Sound of Music Live was a huge success. Especially the praise for Stephen’s singing and acting is evident. We all know that Stephen has a long history of musical theater, but most only know him as vampire Bill and they are really surprised about his singing voice.

A few reactions:

Biggest surprise of #TheSoundOfMusicLive ? Stephen Moyer. He blew me away with his voice and his emotion.

Stephen Moyer singing Edelweiss was everything and more.

Stephen Moyer is the best part of all this. #TheSoundOfMusicLive


And from Mariana Klaveno who played Lorena on True Blood:

Mariana Klaveno


  1. Stephan was amazing last night. I love to hear him sing. Such a beautiful voice. Can’t wait for season 7 of True Blood!!

  2. I thought Stephen was just wonderful as the rest of the cast. Singing highlight: Edelweiss but the dance number with Maria was my favorite *thud*, I’m such a romantic.

  3. Well done stephen. It would be great if we could see the show in England. Hope to see you all soon love from Barbara and Derek and familyxxx

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