Praise for Stephen Moyer as Chicago’s Billy Flynn

Words of praise for Stephen from BroadwayWorld.

A particularly nice surprise is hearing the old-school crooning of Moyer as Flynn. Not only can the guy mug while gliding up and down the stage as if he’s ventured showtunes territory before, he can also—yes, ladies and gentlemen—even belt out the high notes in his solos in “All I Care About Is Love,” “We Both Reach For The Gun,” and, later, “Razzle Dazzle” without a noticeable hint of uncertainty (He even allows a funny but quick, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it homage to his vampiric True Blood alter-ego in the latter number). Dashing and believably alluring, Moyer—already a seasoned stage play vet in the UK—should really think about cultivating Broadway musicals as a post-True Blood career transition. (I can see him play a Lt. Cable-type character, or am I alone in this?)


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