Postmortem – Full Moon Rising Stephen and the werewolves

In season 3, as you all saw in Episode 1 last night, real wolves are being used to portray the werewolves in the True Blood world. Stephen Moyer had to work with them in this episode and in the video below we see that, and how they are incorporated into the scenes.

Since Stephen loves dogs, I’m sure he enjoyed meeting these powerful, but beautiful creatures. We also see Alan Ball and director Dan Minehan talk about how glad they were to be using real wolves instead of their special effects counterparts.


Postmortem – Full Moon Rising


  1. i enjoyed the few glimpses we saw last night. looking forward to much more. can’t wait to see the ‘link’ between vamps and wolves.

    stephen looks completely at home among his four-legged friends.

  2. I enjoyed the video and the pretty beasts. He is brave, when the one started moving I would have jumped away. There is something about a handsome man with a big lens that makes my knees weak :)

    1. I agree Wiwa! I really liked the video. I think the wolves will add an authenticy to the show that wouldn’t be there with CGI.

      Also, seeing Stephen with the camera taking photos was marvelous. Maybe someday he will share his photographs with us.

  3. I really enjoyed seeing how they bring the wolves to life, so to speak. They are gorgeous creatures.

    Also nice to see Stephen interact with them. It looked liked Stephen was having fun and being fearless all at the same time.

  4. The stars of movies and TV shows are insured against the possibility of injury or illness that would make them unable to continue to fulfill their contract. I wonder if Stephen’s premiums went up when AB decided to use real wolves?
    I think Stephen is pretty fearless, and lots of fun too. So that award was certainly deserved. ( I also loved the way he looked in that sweater and jeans!)

  5. How adorable to see Stephen interacting with the wolves! Man, I’d be scared. It’s so cool that TB is using real wolves and doing it the right way.

  6. Yummy Stephen!! Looking all hot in that clip!!!
    The wolves are beautiful too. Aren’t those the “hybrid wolves”?
    Didn’t you love how they seemed to start howling on cue? :D

  7. I am so pleased AB decided to use real wolves. It is a chance of a lifetime for the actors to interact with wolves. I bet Splash and Banjo gave Stephen the once over when he got home smelling of wolf.

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