Portraits of Stephen Moyer by Matthias Clamer

Matthias Clamer is a photographer who shot photos of Stephen Moyer for portraits and for magazines. On his website, it says that Matthias likes quirkiness and humor, but he also likes stealth. “For me, humor in pictures works when you use it in small doses—hints, not obvious jokes,” he explains. “Just one element, not multiples. And subtle enough that some people don’t even see it. It needs to be discovered and ambiguous.”  Seems like a good match for Stephen’s personality to me.

Below are three examples of portraits he took of Stephen. The last photo was used in an edition of Playboy Magazine last year when Stephen was interviewed by the magazine.

Click on the images to see a larger view.


source: matthiasclamer.com

Thanks to Life and Wiwa for the find.


  1. Waking up to these photos made my day. I’m aching for some Bill in Season 4 and the photos of Stephen have made my wait for a little easier this morning. He is magnificent.

  2. Stunning, breath-taking, magnificent; are there enough words to describe him? I’m certainly not a professional photographer, but he must be a photographer’s dream subject…could the job get any easier? Unless you were trying to make him unattractive, of course. That would be impossible.

  3. I love these pictures and it’s nice to see something new (to us) with Bill’s sideburns. I’ll miss them in season 4, not that I can’t appreciate the new look from the recent HBO promo spot as well.

  4. Wow! I’m speechless, and that doesn’t happen very often. What a beautiful man. And yes, I’m missing the ‘burns something fierce, as well.

  5. I saw these pics this afternoon. Brought my co-worker some afternoon “sunshine” as it is another rainy, cloudy day in Twin Cities. SM is so HOT!

  6. OK, how does he so that? How does he look hotter and hotter in these pics, as in all photos. And it’s not only his handsome features, it’s what’s behind those eyes, and that smoldering heat eminating from his inner self. Myohmyohmyohmy……….

  7. I am just in love with this man! He is absolutely stunning!! Mathhias really got both Stephen’s and Bill’s essence in this shoot! Next to Stephen’s hands, I love his eyes and lips!

  8. It’s all been said. These are just beautiful.

    The top one–devastatingly handsome yet wary Stephen. The middle one–Bill, he can hear your heart pumping and is about to glamour you. The bottom one–just meta fun.

    Thanks for these!

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