Poll: What will be Bill Compton’s fate?

truebloodpollASMAs we wait for the final season of True Blood to air starting June 22, we were wondering what will be the outcome of Bill Compton’s fate.  There’s all sorts of rumors flying around the “Truebloodverse” about all of the show’s characters, but, of course we care most about Bill.

Just for fun, we decided to start a poll asking the question “What will be Bill Compton’s Fate?”  We’ve already thought up a bunch of funny possible scenarios as well as some serious ones ourselves, but we’ve  left an option for you to fill in our own idea.

Vote for how you think Bill will end up by the finale of True Blood Season 7 below.

If you pick OTHER, please tell us your idea in the comments below!


  1. If this wasn’t the end of trueblood.I would say Bill would try to get the power he had when Lilith was in him.Sadly though trueblood is ending,so I would say bill will do anything to win sookie’s love again,no matter the circumstances.Okay now I’m sad. :( #TruebloodForever

  2. My two favs are the two most popular scenarios.  I voted for Bill and Sookie marrying and moving to Vermont.  I definitely liked the spinoff series featuring Vampire Bill.  Now that would be Billsbabe heaven.

  3. he becomes human somehow, marries Sookie and they move somewhere nice but not Vermont IMO. that’s just not them. I want, no I NEED a HEA for Bill and that’s a fact!!! ;))))
    The president option sounds good too but I think our favorite guy would prefer to live a quieter, more peaceful life.

  4. If they do the impossible and turn Bill back human, it would have to be “with Sookie” for me. I want his HEA to be with her, however they do it. or Bill turns her Vampire, either one would be good for me!

  5. Romagirl 
    I’m liking this, even though I don’t see Sookie as a vampire.  But the marrying Bill part, and his remaining King is a first-rate scenario.

  6. I’m hoping it ends as it really began – with Bill and Sookie – don’t know who else will be alive, but hoping it will leave room for SOMETHING to come later on.

  7. As long as Bill survives and is happy, I’ll be happy.  That being said I intend to leave out the welcome mat  and my porch light on for him  ♥♥♥

  8. Bill will turn Sookie, get married, and have a vampire-fairy hybrid that’s the reincarnation of Lillith.

  9. Somehow Bill will become human while Sookie will loose her fairy traits and they will find each other again.

  10. Romagirl 
    This idea is so wonderful it’s hard to hope for it. If they just get married and he’s still in power to protect them both then that ending would be the best I could hope for!

  11. I’m hoping with sookie like it should have been all along……..they are the happiest when they are together…….

  12. I think sookies fairy blood is the cure for the hep but it needs to be part vamp blood aswell. So bill turns her to save the vamp race

  13. I hope bill doesn’t die. He keeps having these flash backs im thinking he wants to rejoin his wife and family in heaven, I sure hope that’s not it

  14. It would be nice to see a spinoff made that went into more detail about some of the minor characters on the series. Sookie’s telepathy power wasn’t mentioned much and the history of some of the characters could be explored in more detail like Lafayette’s psychic abilities. A film or series of films would also be great as well

  15. Wow, you look extremely handsome in that grey suit…I want Bill and Sookie back together by the end of the show too!!!

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