Poll: How do you like Stephen Moyer’s beard?

stephen-moyer-beardStephen Moyer sports a full beard for his role of Dr Ronald Hamilton in the NFL concussion film directed by Peter Landesman. During the exclusive interview that we did with him the other day he admitted that there was a bit more gray in it than he had expected…. time goes by, dear Steve.

The opinion of the fans about Stephen’s beard vary from “I LOVE IT!” to “I HATE IT!”, so we thought it was time for a poll to determine how we all feel about Mr. Moyer’s facial hair.

This is the time to make your voice heard!


  1. When I clicked on “VOTE” I was sent to a Facebook log in.  I don’t have an FB account.  Does this mean that my vote won’t be counted?

    I voted for “I’m fine with it, as long as he shaves it off again.”

  2. He is gorgeous with or without but I’m a sucker for a man with scruff. I bet it tickles in all the right ways. lol ;)

  3. Do not have a FB account . 
    I voted:  I am fine with it, as long as he shaves it off again.

    He is a sexy beast either way but it would be a sin to keep that beautifully chiseled face covered too long.

  4. Don’t have a facebook account, so I can’t vote.  I think he looks very sexy with the beard, but I definitely want him to shave as soon as he is able to I’m not a beard fan anyway, but he is so gorgeous, why cover up that beautiful face?

  5. Yeah unfortunately it makes the age creep out some. My dad is like that though, not a stitch of gray up top but his beard eventually was all white.

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