1. I miss our vamp’s already – please give us some “love” and happy endings for this final season – Sookie can love all her men – Eric, Bill, Alcide

  2. That is a good point about Pam not reacting…. and I totally agree with what Deb said – let’s end on a happy note please – more love, less disease. still great to see everyone of course!!!

  3. I would love to see Eric and sookie together but I know in the end she will probely be alone and go back to ferry land

  4. Watched this tonight and loved it. Can’t wait for the rest of them. I am recording all of them on my DVR.

  5. All I’ve got to say is I better see me some Eric in the next episode or I’m gonna be one pissed off TB fan!!!

  6. I hope Tara’s not dead. I was very upset, when they played that scene. They CAN’T kill of one of the MAIN characters on the VERY FIRST episode of the new season!

  7. They should have show Tara dying a decent dead at least. The episode wasn’t bad. Looking foward to how this season ends.

  8. Lafayete having been kidnapped in the van fangtasia as directly to find there .. instead of looking at all the other places where they did .. is the first place I would look …

  9. I was watching the credits at the beginning of the 1st episode and saw quite a few names I didn’t recognise… Going to be an interesting Season… On the ‘Red Carpet’ promo before the show, Rutina said something like ‘Dead doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dead”.

  10. I LOVED the nonstop action, the grief of Sookie over Tara was over the top great acting. I also liked the way Lala and James got along, good pairing. Jess made me sit on the edge of my seat for her fangtastic performance protecting Adilyn! She deserves an award for that! 
    I have a feeling that Tara killed the Hep V vamp and then “felt” Pam and perhaps took off at vamp speed to Morocco. Otherwise, why did the Hep V vamp not take Lettie Mae? Plus, I don’t trust Lettie Mae at all, she was screaming to God “don’t let ME die like this!” and not even watching the fight. Perhaps the goo she was in was the bald guy and Tara took off. I hope so, IMDb has Tara in other episodes so maybe she will show up again somehow.

    All in all, WONDERFUL start to this season! I loved everything about it! Thanks for the stills shots. they are great too!

  11. Tara must come back i don’t believe she’s dead, and I hope eric returns he can’t be dead i love him he’s sexier then bill. an has done less bloody evil things then bill ha. bill was posed by that demon vampress and killed without mech before the gang helped him go back to his old good vamp self..

  12. i heart Eric like if you want eric to come back , i don’t thing he’s really killed himself, I want tara back to poor lafetti is crushed.

  13. Their is no way Tara could have died…..if so Pam woulf have felt her abd would’ve flowen back to Bon Temps (she never released Tara……but Eric released Pam…which frekin sucks)

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