1. Here are a few reason why I has no problem with the season finale True Blood. One Eric and Pam are still the most bad ass vampires ever.

  2. Here are a few reason why I has no problem with the season finale True Blood. One Eric and Pam are still the most bad ass vampires ever.

  3. Someone please tell me who the hell is sookies baby daddy…. they never show his face? Who is he? Was he on the show or just a random guy they picked for the future scene?

  4. Very upsetting ! It’s sad enough that the series is ending, but to kill Bill off, as well………..just did me in :(

  5. I cried my eyes out !! Like I’m sooo hurt !! I love their relationship plus I loved bill and I understood why he chose the path he did , and it still hurt LOVED IT!!

  6. I feel like he made the ultimate sacrifice for the love of Sookie. It’s what you do to make way for the happiness of the person you love above your own happiness. I notice everyone else who “loved” Sookie were able to move right along without any difficulty. Did any of us really think Bill wouldn’t die for Sookie?

  7. Not happy with the ending. Bill and Sookie should have been together, and leaving us to wonder who her mystery man is, was just plain cruel.

  8. Worst finale ever. Loved this show from the beginning I felt the ending was a big middle finger to my face. This was worse than Dexter and Sopranos combined.

  9. Worst finale ever. Loved this show from the beginning I felt the ending was a big middle finger to my face. This was worse than Dexter and Sopranos combined.

  10. Intense between Sookie & Bill, cute Jessica & Hoyt, Eric& Pam great like usually BUT the Happy Supper really Sucks

  11. Intense between Sookie & Bill, cute Jessica & Hoyt, Eric& Pam great like usually BUT the Happy Supper really Sucks

  12. That ending sucked…pun intended. Worst ending to a series ever. Feeling very sad. She needed to end up with Eric thats how it was in the books.

  13. That ending sucked…pun intended. Worst ending to a series ever. Feeling very sad. She needed to end up with Eric thats how it was in the books.

  14. There won’t be. That was the series finale, and they’re all moving on to do other projects. That’s it, it’s done. I’m so disappointed. I expected better.

  15. Todos esperabamos que volvieran a estar juntos, y Sookie termino matando a Bill? Era amor de verdad, pero debio perdurar, no con Bill muerto y Sookie embarazada de otro… no…triste :(

  16. I can say the words I want to use on FB. So, I’ll just say this WAS crap!! I hated it! A waist of a season! I am disappointed and now I can say there’s NO reason for me to keep HBO. As you can tell I AM not a happy viewer. I love you as an actor and I do love season 1 – 6.

  17. I’m beyond pissed. I cried and I’m so upset why did bill have to die and who the he’ll knocked sookie up? And I’m happy for Jason

  18. I really thought that with Bill being warm & Sookie hearing his thoughts that when she hit him with her light that they both would be HUMAN & they could have the happily ever after fairy tale ending.

  19. Looking through the comments, same question over and over, who is Sookie’s husband The answer is simple. Not a vampire. Doesn’t matter who he was/is. She gave Bill his final wish. She didn’t end up with a vampire and will have a normal life with children…. That being said.. Not how I would have ended it. But I understand the reason they did it that way. Be true to Bill. forever.

  20. I thought it ended as it had to end. Bill’s character has always been very serious. He had to take this thing through to the end. Heartbreaking true-but very classically finished.

  21. depressing…. didn’t want Bill to die, and we don’t know who Sookie ended up with…or should I say, “What” she ended up with except he wasn’t a vampire….could he have been a Fairy? Or did she settle for a boring old human guy?

  22. It still would have been interesting to see who she was with…. They showed who everyone else ended up with….

  23. Why were Pam and Eric not invited to Thanksgiving? I thought Sookie couldn’t be with a human guy. Who’s the baby daddy. And if Bill loved Sookie so much why would he ask her to kill him knowing how much it would hurt her. That’s not love!

  24. The biggest let down in a series finale ever. Even if they felt they had to kill Bill off I could have lived with that but the rest of the show was just disappointing after such a great series up until now.

  25. They teased us so much. First, Bill was warm to the touch, like a human. Then, Sookie could hear his thoughts, like she can with humans. It made us think he was somehow going to “turn human” and they would be able to be together, and she could still have babies, and have a normal life, like he wanted her to have. Then they go and kill him off!! God, I’m STILL pissed, lol.

  26. Crap ending.
    Sookie’s fae blood should’ve changed the virus and made him human. Would’ve explained Bill’s sudden body warmth and her being able to hear his thoughts.
    A human Bill plus Sookie – normalized life.

  27. It was a great season finale!! Everything and everypone fell right into place lwhere they belong!! Thankyou HBO for 7 great oyears!! Why do some of you even watch ifi your going to CO

  28. Yes, they left it where you just saw a shadow of a man sitting next to where Sookie sat down, so she obviously has moved on. And so has Jason with all those kids! Lol… I think it ended where they can start something else! I bawled my eyes out over Bill, tho.

  29. And why the hell were the vamps in daylight at there cook out and who’s the guy with sookie way to leave everyone wondering what’s going on wow pretty messed up

  30. I cried. Of course didn’t want Bill to die. However, it ended how he wanted. Sookie found happiness and is having a family. I liked how they did just a side shot of what I assume is her husband. I did love Bill though…

  31. Hate ittttt !!! So disappointed ! Really ? Sookie pregnant of somebody else that was nobody in season that I watch for 6 years !!! Very bad decision in the end !!!

  32. Sucked big time! I could’ve wrote a better ending than that! I get what HBO did but still.. Was at least very boring….

  33. Apparently in the books Sookie marries Eric but ends up with Sam. If there is a baby, then it has to be Bill’s. Even if that isn’t so, in my mind it’s a done deal. Bill 4 ever.

  34. I love the ending it was beautiful’ bill sacrificed his life for true love to give sookie a family’Eric and Pamelaare the ultimate in bad Ass! and finallyLed Zeppelin singingif the Sun refused to shine omg I died and went to heaven I love you true blood!!!!!!

  35. Books didn’t match up anyways. Horrible ending. Hoped fore true love.
    Since it’s fantasy how about Sookie and Bill married?????
    Honked off for sure.

  36. I feel very… Detached right now… Like the season finale should be filled with all questions answered and now all I wondering about is: who did Sookie marry?
    like you place a whole 7 years seeming on the love and drama of Sookie and bill and they give is an ending in which the love interest dies and we have to simply digest the fact that the last two seconds of the season was the back of some guys head as sookies husband and father of her unborn child? Umm… No. And frankly I did not like the whole New Blood method they used . It’s like I was watching the two most badass vampires since the beginning and not recognizing them anymore.
    this season finale sadly strayed off… Felt rushed and they added characters and minor issues that didn’t need to be placed, especially when it seems they had to squeeze everything in this last episode.
    I loved true blood. I will always go back and think it was amazing but… An ending to something is hard to take in an I was unfortunately sad by the way it finished off.

  37. Like I say probably Alcide he could have impregnated her before he die , or as Bill was becoming human he could have done it ….wtf why keep us wondering !!!!!!!

  38. I never knew how into this show I was until the Bill and Sookie sad part. It made my heart hurt. There’s never been a show that made me feel so sad like that did. I was happy to see Sookie pregnant but would’ve liked to have seen who the guy was she was hugging at the end. I hate that the show is over.

  39. I’m happy about it. I cried soooooo hard when she heard his thoughts! Rip Bill with your family.

  40. so sad that bill died. i had really hoped he would live. i don’t understand why Bill couldn’t be happy with Sookie like Jessica and Hoyt were.

  41. this is so depressing I wish I never watched it at all. The way it started and how it went, Sookie and Bill were supposed to end up together, they’re meant for each other. Him being a vampire and other circumstances is not something true love can’t overcome.

  42. Why couldn’t they just turn bill human!!!!! I thought that’s what was happening when she read his mind!!!! Why???? Why????????

  43. I’m so sorryI almost forgot the lovely weddingJessica look beautifulhoi Jasonall the characters look beautifulI really did miss Lafayette where was he?

  44. Completely satisfied with how #Trueblood ended. It would have been awesome if sookies ball turned Bill human but I’m glad that they didn’t leave anything to be Desireed. Thanks for 7 great seasons! You will be missed #truetotheend #truefan. I love you all xoxox

  45. I really thought sookie would be turned because her tear went from clear to blood in all the previews but I get at the end bill wanted to go Home I always felt through all the seasons Bill wanted that life back.. But was so slow and a disappointment .. Idk .. And sookie ends up with some random guy ?! She should’ve ended up with alci?! because can he have kids? Right?! Lol

  46. It sucked Bill died , in the books I think she ends up with Sam. ( it’s been awhile could be wrong). I think it ended alright , better then the Sopranos : )

  47. Sad, but I understand . Will miss it big time, but I have all the movies and books so I can rewatch or reread anytime . It just want be the same knowing there want be any new shows coming on. :( :( love TB!

  48. Bill was an idiot… all the history you would have seen at his age… all the things you could do… makes his GF kill him…. I did not like how they wussied Bill out! At least Eric and Pam passed with flying colors!

  49. Hated the ending very disappointed writers could’ve done a lot better job if they had put some thought into it seems like they didn’t even care how the viewers would react . SMH

  50. Loved True Blood. Loved Bill. It ended how it should. Was good finale. I did want sookie and Bill to have a happy ending…and in the end…Sookie knew he really loved her.

  51. i loved bill and wanted their relationship to work out w/ them together- in whatever way……i have been devoted fan, own first 6 seasons. but folks i feel the writer/producers really screwed us over. 7 years of TOTAL DEVOTION TO TRUE BLOOD AND THEY END IT LIKE THIS??????? WHAT WAS THE POINT IN WATCHING ALL THESE YRS IF THEY GIVE US NOTHING AS A FINALE.. ENDING SUCKED AND SO DOES THE FORCES THAT DECIDED TO STICK IT TO US W/ THIS POS ENDING. WRITER/PRODUCERS: THNKS FOR NOTHING!!!!!!

  52. Fan since the beginning – I refuse to accept that Sookie would kill Bill or ever allow him to die and to go on and hv a “normal” life!! In MY ending Sookie and Bill live Thier happy lives together and adopt Stephen was truly the character who got me hooked! Love u all but very disappointed in the ending , will miss u U0001f614


  54. After 7 years of the fans loving Bill & Sookie, together & patiently waiting for their happy ever after….. Having her kill him was totally inappropriate to the fans. Unhappy & sad in Louisiana .

  55. In the end they go home together with two beautiful kids. Thanks for seven wonderful years! Now be happy and make another great show for us!!!

  56. I was disapointed and don’t understand. Who got Sookie Pregnant in the show? Is she pregnant in real life with Steven’s child?

  57. Extremely selfish of Bill to ask Sookie to kill him. Anyone else coulda killed him. I guess it didn’t matter whom Sookie ended with.

  58. I agree it was terrible like why kill tara and bill no point there was no point it sucked I was bored the whole time. Hate how it was mostly about Jess and Hoyt getting married happy for them but blah it sucked

  59. I thought bill and sookie would be together. At the end she married to someone else. Jason finally got married

  60. I honestly don’t know how u can say this!? That was the most lame ass series ending. I was ok with bill dying. What I’m not ok with is that this is/was one of the most badass shows on tv. The sex and violence and gore and crazy storylines kept us glued!! This episode was boring and super corny. I honestly can’t believe this show went out like this. I was one to never talk bad about TB but this was ridiculous. I’m so disappointed.

  61. Iam still heartroken…Unlike the Sopranos “black screen” ending..at least they let us know what happened..I hoped Sookie would have turned vampire to she could live the rest of forever with Bill..But I do understand why he made the choice he did..He loved her so much he knew long as he was alive she’d never let go of him…so his death was his gift to her having a normal life.

  62. I have never cried for an ending of a show before. Knowing its over is heart wrenching. A strange emotional response that I did not expect. It will always be my favourite show for all time. Thanks guys for giving us what you could regarding the years of effort for the series. I wish HBO had reconsidered cancelling the show. Hope I will see you all acting together again soon. Maybe a new series somehow.

  63. I was hoping since bill was beginning to be like human that Sookie would be pregnant with his baby. Bringing an irony to the situation that he wanted to die so that she could have just that. But…… No…. That didn’t happen

  64. but why ending it because Bill’s dead they should come back to the show because Sookie’s pregnant and Jason has a new familly

  65. Worst finale ever. I feel robbed after investing 7 faithful years on this show to end the way it did. It seem everyone forgot about Bill.

  66. Bill dies and Sookie is still a fairy so that means she will still be hunted because of her smell and what she is. So how does that make for an ending to the show.

  67. Second that! I was hoping they would show his face and say his name! Honestly I thought she would end up with Eric or her and Bill would die together

  68. I can’t believe the ending! It was a waste of my time to invest 7 years only to find out that Bill dies! I would have rather see him live and not be with Sookie then die! Why would they end the series like that!! Worse ending ever!!! I want the last episode to be rewritten!!

  69. Pissed off, it became the Hoyt and Jessica hour, dumb, the only redeeming scene was the Bill and Pam infomercial. Why the F:;45#%{} did they sort us up for heart break?

  70. Love this ending. Bill wants to be with his family and frankly Sookie had sex with all the other hot guys in Bon Tempe so it is not like she stayed home waiting for him.

  71. I think it was a super ending. It began with Bill and ended with Bill. And everyone else that survived went on to very happy full lives.

  72. Horrible ending!!!! All it did was leave us with questions.Why could sookie read Bill’s thoughts, why was he warm? Who was the father of Sookie’s baby? Who was Sookie hugging at the end? Why was Eric and Pam acting like such idiots? Was Sookie cured of Hep V so she could become pregnant? Is there going to be a follow up show to answer some of our questions, or are we going to wonder forever? This was just lame.I was so looking forward to this and boy was I ever let down big time.I did however cry very hard when Bill died.It actually made my heart hurt.It’s something to have a caring heart and feel so much for these carectors that it actually hurts when they die and they aren’t even real!Wow HBO, way to go, I loved Jessicca and Hoyt’s wedding though.That was really special!

  73. Sad because of Bill but happy tears for Jessica. Loved the way the rest was ended. Thank you True Blood.

  74. I’m happy with everyone’s endings EXCEPT for Bill & Sookie’s! This world is full of terrible, serious problems…why couldn’t the show give us millions of fans a happy ending for once? I cried when Bill died.

  75. I wish it had a better ending too but bill wanted to go and have sookie move on..it was odd as life is sometimes to see yrs later. I knew Eric would survive and he and pam would be funny but since Bill was killed off I was hoping the writers would of showed him watching over sookie . I am glad for the other character’s happiness. I cried too when bill died so sad.

  76. I’m truly truly sad how could this be why can’t they continue with more seasons, or actually cried like a lil baby I’m Sooooooo incredibly saddened by the true end of true blood!!!!!

  77. Why do they think they have to kill off favorite characters in every show now days just because it used to never be done. It is getting annoying and frustrating.

  78. Devastated! I can’t believe they teased us like that, with the body warmth, her hearing his thoughts, it was so cruel. I think if she had used her light, he would have turned human, but as much as she bitched and moaned about hearing people’s thought every season, all of a sudden now, she wants to stay fairie? WTF? And I also think if Alan Ball hadn’t stepped away from the show, they would have ended up together. There was really no reason to kill him off. So disappointed and I cried so much I have a headache now. Dammit. Such a letdown. :(

  79. I also wanted to see the stranger who knocked up n married sookie why couldn’t they of shown him??? Dumbass ending

  80. I am truly sad but after some serious reflection I think it ended well. If Bill had lived, Sookie would never have been free to live a normal human life. He made the big sacrifice. True love. Farewell, Bon Temps. It has been so much fun,

  81. Her and Steven in real life are married and have twins .
    On the show she was set free and it said a few years later … She obviously got
    Married to some
    One and is pregnant I think the person is irrelevant to the point if her just moving on after bil

  82. I don’t like the way that ended with bill died. That really suck. Suck. I really didn’t want the show end at all. They didn’t have to kill bill off. I would have like have spookiest and bill together.

  83. Loved seeing Charlaine Harris on the set of New Blood’s infomercial…seemed very appropriate to have her involved in the last episode.

  84. Very, very upset with this ending. I feel like I invested 7 years in the Sookie/Bill relationship for nothing.

  85. Very sad to see that ending !!! who’s Sookie pregnant by ?? could it be Bills child ?? Cant believe Sookie gave in and Killed Bill … was glad to see Eric & Pam at the end !! Like Sue said , I cant believe I invested 7 years Wondering & enjoying Bill & Sookie and NOW It seems for nothing !!

  86. Uhhhhhh I am so sad this show is over …I didn’t want bill 2 die… This was the best show ever…I am lost right now :(

  87. And besides all that, it’s just shitty to kill off maybe the best looking man to ever walk the earth. That’s just wrong. lol

  88. I am so upset that Bill died.  That was my only request for the ending would be that Bill not die!  I don’t see any reason for Bill to die.  He said he wanted Sookie to get rid of being fae, so she wouldn’t attract vampires, but Sookie opted to remain fae, so Bill dying made no sense.  Obviously Sookie ends up with a human, because she pregnant.  If Bill was going to die, there needed to be a more compelling reason.  I like the show otherwise.  Stephen’s daughter Lilac made a great young Sookie.  She’s a good actress.  The girl who played young Tara, sounded so much like Rutina Wesley.  My only disappointment with the ending was Bill dying.

  89. A queCuba se le ocure ver una novela por siete ano hicites el record guinness. Si las en Espanol se demoran no mas de 6 meses y estamos loca para que se terminen

  90. I thought they did a good ending not everything is supposed to be happy ever after it’s life. People get over it you know it’s a show they can’t make all the fans happy.

  91. I NEVER thought the show would have a worse ending than the books, but it did. I am heart broken and disappointed. I have spent the last seven years LOVING Bill and Sookie and that is the ending we get SERIOUSLY?! Stephen and Anna did an AMAZING job as usual, and realistically I can understand in my Head why Bill sacrificed his life so she could have a normal life, and the fact that she did not want to see him suffer anymore, but my Heart feels cheated. I feel like something I LOVED is RUINED. And there are too many unanswered questions. If Sookie is still a fairy won’t she still be hunted by other vampires? Why have Sookie with some random guy whose face we don’t even get to see? At least in the books we know and like Sam. If she wasn’t going to be with a vampire why did they not keep her with Alcide, with him she could have had babies and a normal life. In the end everyone got a HAPPY ending except for our Bill, who in the end got Peace he so desperately wanted, I HOPE, while we all of the people who LOVED him for seven years are left to wonder WHY?! How could it end like this? Really?!

  92. La verdad que me vi todas las temporadas y ver que termine de esta forma tan ridícula,comenzó bien y terminó hasta las patas la verdad que decepción….Tanto esperar para nada…..Horrible Final.

  93. Bill should have become human. They belong together. I’m deeply upset and saddened. I have loved this show for years and it should have ended the way we all loved it.

  94. Feel so bad True Blood has ended, and to kill Bill off was horrible. Writers, you could of kept it going. It’s a great show. Great actors, love them all!

  95. it was showing 4 years AFTER Bill died and that Sookie had moved on with a human husband and was pregnant as Bill wanted her to do

  96. I know! I thought so too, I wish they showed Bill looking at Sookie from the spirit world smiling happy for her. At least that would have given some closure after they ruined everything the show was about.

  97. I guess you could say that Bill is at peace, and Sookie gets to have kids, I suppose, but it left a sadness that I don’t think is the right way to end the series.  I guess the writers didn’t want the show to be predictable, but killing Bill is too much.

  98. I have to agree…the ending sucked. They could have done so much more with it, sorta like they got lazy with the ending…

  99. So sad that Bill is dead.So sad that Sookie & Bill did not get to be together but could understand Bill’s side.True Blood fan to the end..

  100. Ok, (deep breath)…after reading the comments I will now settle in and watch the final show. I dread it, I grew to really love this show. I didn’t start at the beginning, I saw the first show, didn’t like it but came back to it after seeing a couple of shows in the 4th season. I went back and watched them from the very first show until now and truly love it!! Great cast also!

  101. I really had hoped he would survive the hep v and become human. And I guess I wasn’t paying attention to the time line because when I saw sookie was pregnant I thought it may have been bills lol.

  102. the ending was good for how the show has been going for the last few seasons. don’t get me wrong, it totally sucked when bill died and i balled like a newborn baby! but i mean, i understand why they ended it the way they ended it. kinda wish we knew who sookie’s new man was, but i guess its to show that she ended up with a normal guy for a change

  103. i glade Erick and Pam got a happy new start. Yet sad that bill died. Sookie is married to him in real life :) so it makes it even more sad “:( :(

  104. Looking through the comments, same question over and over, who is Sookie’s husband The answer is simple. Not a vampire. Doesn’t matter who he was/is. She gave Bill his final wish. She didn’t end up with a vampire and will have a normal life with children…. That being said.. Not how I would have ended it. But I understand the reason they did it that way. Be true to Bill. forever.

  105. Ok, yes I am upset that Bill died, but I thought the acting between Stephen and Anna was incredible tonight.  Great emotion, great connection, really, really moving.

  106. So sad that it’s over and that they killed Bill.! I thought for sure Bill would become human again or at least healed. Glad Eric & Pam are still alive though! Spin off?!

  107. I am depressed now. omg it’s over no more clock watching no more Bill, no more Sookie. no more Eric , Jason, Sam. No more Love scenes, no more laughs at silly things. I am depressed i feel like a family member died. Yall are so cool people nice to yall fans and it’s just not gonna be the same yall will stay friends but we wont see that part. Still crying why Bill you could have turned her it would have made her happy i think.

  108. esperava final bom para todos,foi um seriado ótimo,mas esse ultimo capitulo acabou com a série,fiquei furiosa em perder meu tempo e esperar por um final que me deixasse levitando com tantas magias,odieiiiiiiiiiii

  109. I have to agree I feel like I invested in their relationship and she ended up with some no-name person that we don’t give a damn about

  110. I must say after 7 years of watching and loveng this show.it just didnt end the way we all the fans wanted it to.we all wanted it to end with bill.Or sookie/Eric.but who did she end up with.come on true blood.you still have my tears rolling.my heart sank.i lirerly thought i was going to throw up.from the pit in my stomach.when our beloved bill chose to die.i still love the show.the only good thing that di come out of it was jess and hoyt.lala and his new man.and the fact eric didnt die.cant imagine next summer.not haveing my trueblood to watch.THANK YOU ALL.TO THE CAST AND CREW FOR 7 WONDERFUL YEARS I LOVE YOU ALL.THIS ISNT GOOD BYE.ITS UNTIL I SEE YOU ALL AGAIN.MUCHMUCH LOVE FROM YOUR TENNESEE FAN

  111. OMG, when Bill died I was so upset. I wish I could of been in the writer’s room from the beginning of Season 7 and I would of slapped them. This is what should of happened: do not kill Tara, keep her in the show, she was there from the beginning and she was great. Do no kill off Alcide, he was the perfect wolf. Sookie with Alcide in the first scene and she starts to notice her love for Bill is too strong to stay with Alcide. So, Alcide meets someone else or dates Tara. Sookie ends up with Bill and Bill gets cured from Sara and Sookie gets turned by Bill. Yes, Jason has the kids with Bridgette and Hoyt and Jessica get married and Sam returns with his kids, Arlene gets the cure from Sara so she can be with her new vampire boyfriend. Eric and Pam get together. But, at the end, Bill and Sookie are together with their love as strong as ever with the music playing at the end. Also, change the diner back to Merlotte’s.

  112. I did like seeing Jessica and Hoyt getting married and I liked the last scene with all of them at the dinner table. We saw all of them happy. But, I do wish that Bill was sitting there with Sookie. It hit me and the show is over forever. All of the great people are gone now.

  113. Well, in the books she marries Sam from what I heard. I cannot accept an ending without her and Eric or her and Bill together.

  114. Quand je vois les commentaires des.fans. Pour la final enfin pour l.episode 10 .j.avoue qie j.ai pas envie de regarder la fin …peur d.etre decu si bill.eric pam
    Sookie mort ! Car c est dommage que sa finisse comme sa .! Une belle fin pour cette serie magestieuse ! Sa serai mieux .
    Je n.est pas vu l.episode 10 .et j.espere ne pas etre deçu moi qui est toute les saisons en dvd …je voudrais pas avoir acheter sa pour rien !!!

  115. I wasn’t happy they killed alseed off . how ever they spell it and bill. the baby will probably be alseeds thou. I guess.

  116. I was always Bill &Sookie fan from day one! I think it was best for all in the end… In my heart it will Always be the both of them!

  117. I felt that the show was wrapped up nicely enough. Bill’s death was heartbreaking for me, as I was always a Sookie/Bill fan. So I was hoping that if she used her light on him, it would return him to his human form. Hey, it’s HBO and it’s True Blood, so it could have happened. But Bill suffered at the things he’d done in his vampire life and wanted closure. I wished he’d known she had read his thoughts though. Loved Hoyt and Jessica being brought back together. They were my favorite couple. He fell in love with her twice!!! I’m happy that Jason finally grew up and had himself a family. I’m also glad that Sam had his family. Found it funny that Arlene ended up with a vampire, after hating and fearing them for so long. As for Eric and Pam, they were always sort of cheesy (as was the show, for the most part), and they ended up that way. And making money, which they always loved. And as for Sookie, it doesn’t matter who the guy was or that we didn’t see his face. What mattered is that, she ended up being true to herself for once. And didn’t sacrifice who she was. She was able to live her life as Bill wanted her to. She found her happy ending, hopefully anyway….

  118. It ended so f***** up and screwed out and left us all hanging thanks a lot for all of us should have been here and watched it for the last 7 years that’s what you call an ending that is no good

  119. I get it and like it but I wanted a bit more the last few episodes seemed a bit rushed. I wish they would have given it one more season to end it right and tie up loose ends better and with a bit more detail. I also wished it would have been Bill and Sookie together but I get that she and the sickness made Bill feel more human and long for his own family and wanting to give that to Sookie. I wished she had used the light on him though the stake Cheapened it for me and thought Bill could have done that for himself and spared Sookie all together if that’s where it was gonna go. I would have also liked to see a better ending for Eric And Pam it pretty much ended with them as it started and I think they would have moved past that.

  120. Have you noticed that last scene with Eric was copied and pasted from season 3 ep 2 and that dancer was Yvette? They just changed white color of her lace to pink. I’m disappointed.

  121. I was really disappointed they killed of bill. The ending was showing you that sookie did just want bill wanted. She married a normal guy and she was pregnant. Loved Jessica getting married by for the most part I didn’t like the show

  122. I kind of thought, sookie would drink some of sarahs blood to cure herself, then let Bill feed from her without him knowing.. The fact she ends up without Eric was sad too, but I still enjoyed it.. Going to miss True Blood, thank you all for the memories xXx

  123. I’ve loved True Blood since the beginning….
    It started as such a love story, and this year
    It returned to that. Not so much blood spattered.
    Never dreamt it would have such a terrible ending!
    Feel like I’ve lost a friend…

  124. Good Ending for Eric and Pam……..but many questions were still left unanswered….
    1. Who saved Eric when he was burning on the mountains?
    2. How was Sookie able to hear Bill’s thoughts?
    and lastly……
    3.Who was Sookie’s mystery man?

  125. I’m sad bill died n that sookie met someone not even in the shows. N the baby isn’t alceds it’s the new guy. If u read the writing at the end of the show it Cleary says 1 yr later Than 3 yrs later that’s 4 yrs after he was killed.

  126. Nicely put Annie Schimmenti-Blanc I hoped the same about Sookie using her light on Bill that would have been great in my opinion.

  127. Very sad ending. I was hoping he would change his mind in the end. It could have ended with them going to the party for dinner and adopting kids.

  128. I loved it! Sookie ended up happy with a normal life. I didn’t need to see the guys face because that didn’t matter because we would never know him anyway. It only matters that she was happy with him and everyone ended up living the life they wanted. Neither vampire deserved her and couldn’t give her what she wanted in her life. Eric and Pam are killing it in the business world and Bill got what he wanted….peace. Good ending!!!

  129. I hated the end. Why kill the best one off and at Sookie’s hand. I had a bad night last night, trying to figure this out. All those years, wanting them back together and end this way.

  130. No me resigno, por que Bill tuvo que morir, mejor Sookie se huviese convertido en vampiro, no me gusto el final por esa razon, era justo que despues de tantas cosas ellos terminaran juntos.

  131. That was the worst series finale ever. it looked rushed and just slaped together. was not shown the respect that it deserved. very disappointed

  132. I actually cried at the end. I’ve been a trubie since the beginning read the books and followed all of them for years now. I’ve been a fan since my early 20s now seeing it end seemed tragic. I wasn’t crazy about the end but who is going to like seeing their favorite show end. Overall loved the show. Thanks for the journey and I wish the best of luck to the entire cast.

  133. Me either I cried when bill died ….I was like noooooooo!!!! I don’t know what 2 do about this I am so mad the show is over and I am scarred 4 life by bills death….sigh…

  134. What happened? Did the writers that pulled us in, pull out prior to this episode? I was hoping this was a joke, but no kidding just real bad excuse for a finale . What a let down next time HBO airs a series like such. Call up the writers of FX’s Supernatural and get some tips about how to deliver what you promised…

  135. That`s exactly how I feel. I hate True Blood now for doing this. No more thank you`s from me. I want to murder this writer(s) who wrote this completely absurd end of Bill & Sookies love story – cause that has always been the middle of all, Bill & Sookie. What a disgusting, disappointing finale.

  136. Like your ideas  I thought they should have had Eric and Pam sleeping together again, not just business partners.  I always thought they made a great couple!

  137. I totally agree with you I had to cover my eyes n turn my head when she staked Bill I e n told my hubby don’t even tell me the gory details how Bill looked when he died my hubby n my self are TEAM Bill and sookie fans

  138. I’m going to stay with it – whatever Anna & Stephen are doing for HBO – somehow Bill will come back – even if briefly

  139. Bill was actually kind of a db to her when I think about it…He was spying on her for the Queen, knowing that she wanted to “breed” faeries (really?? Sookie didn’t slap him about that?? I mean, that’s horrible!) It seemed like they were so in love but he couldn’t stand up to the Queen or at least lie and say Sookie was not a fey after all so then the Queen would leave her alone and then they could have a normal relationship. He kept saying that human/vampire relationships don’t work but Lafayette and Arlene were with vampires and making it work. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Also, when I think about it, Bill was saying that he would rather die than have a relationship with Sookie. He wanted her to have a normal life but what about what she wanted? They couldn’t have biological children but maybe they could adopt or maybe she didn’t know if she wanted them anyway. She loved him more than he loved her and she showed him more love than he did to her! I don’t know who the mystery man is but I hope he treats her better than that!

  140. I cried harder then Sookie…omg Bill!!!! I cant believe this rockin show is over. I will miss all of you that made the show possible thank you for a great show…

  141. I know I was bummed that she didn’t end up with someone we grew to love my fav was Eric lol instead some random guy and they didn’t even show him lol

  142. I love Bill and Sookie together, wish he’d lived and married her. She wouldn’t have cared about a normal life as long as she had him. I know I wouldn’t.

  143. I love the photos of Bill and Sookie…so much love between the two of them. I just felt there was more to this story that we didn’t get to see…too short for the finale. I believe there should have been more Bill & Sookie time than there was. It seems like there was a lot more dialogue between them that was edited out of the finale that we didn’t get to see!!!!

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