1. SUCH BULLSHIT, come on your going to end it this way…fml dammit bill you are that selfish, let sookie make her own dam choices. men always thing women are children..completely disappointed by true blood and this bs with the true blood. eric beat thier a.sses ffs

  2. Wow, what crazy episode……better not hurt Pam…Bill get well, now Sookies in danger….again???Jess & Holt..are together, Sam left with winey/ Nicole…Jason and Bridget will get it on??? this is killing me taking my TRUE BLOOD away…one LAST EPISODE…NO MORE THAT SUCKS!

  3. I don’t care what Bill said still not a good reason in my book come on now I don’t like the way its ending ..they can do better than this !!!!

  4. Touching. I think it’s going the way it should. I’m ok now with Jessica and Hoyt. Eric loves Sookie, but don’t know what will happen there if anything. I like Jason with Brighette though.

  5. It was so funny with Eric and Ginger . She had been with him since the beginning and then she is getting what she always wanted . Funny she falls out after a second or too…..

  6. Ginger was a hoot..she had her three minutes…if that long..the girl can die happy now woohoo..I didn’t buy Bill’s explanation…just bothered me..it was almost lame, imo..

  7. I’m gonna really miss you guys and the show!!
    Thanks for the years that you gave us in entertainment y’all rock!!

  8. My fav part was Ginger. Omg funny psycho girl. I cried when Bill would take the cure. I loved Bill and Eric’s come together. Was wondering when Sookie would get to fly with Eric. Wish it had shown more about that. Been waiting 7 years for it. I wanted Bill and Sookie to end together but Bill needs to go be with his first family and Eric does love Sookie. She could give him her all I think.

  9. OMG! Ginger is too funny..I loved the way Eric looked at her, like she was wacko! LOL…I really hate to see this off TV! Very sad! :'(

  10. I’m just sick about all the pain in the show tonight…. What the world needs now is True Love for Bill & Sookie…. Please don’t end the show…

  11. I’m still hoping Sookie gets Bill better with her fairy power and he turns her in the end and they lived happily ever fang after.

  12. there was some heart felt pain on the show.i was crying when bill refused the blood.and then i laughed.when GINGER finally got to f+++ ERIC..HE WAS LIKE HEY ARE U OK.WOW I THINK I SPEAK FOr EVERY LADY WHoM IS ERIC (ALEX) CRAZY WAS LIKE HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOO.I WISHED THAT WAS ME.BUT IN A WAY WAY LONGER TIME LOL.

  13. The episode I was watched last night , is that Bill don’t want to be cure, why? to be continued ….. next week…..

  14. they are trying to wrap everything up too damn fast! obviously there are so many more storylines they could go on with. I still say they could end “true blood” and start a show called “new blood” …..try to use some of the storylines from the books! sad it’s ending next week :(

  15. I suppose we have to accept Bill is going to die next week ,since the show is over its ok. at least he is here till the end ,I love Bill.

  16. That scene with Eric and Ginger was really funny! After ALL that time and she spent 30 seconds???? Bahahaha!!!

  17. Tonight’s episode was sad I bet there’s more to come next week! I am sad its over! #missingtrueblood #sexyeric #sexyalcide

  18. WTH Snookie isn’t normal so whats up with Bill need a new story line by next week!!!! This is going to suck if it goes the way its headed…another stupid ending come on be different then the others and end it on a happy note!!!!!!

  19. Some great funny things, but overall still breaking my heart. Do NOT want to say “Farewell”. U0001f622

  20. So did I Rhoda Smith I cried too n bill releasing jessica made me cry bill didnt want to do it. Hoyt n jessica back together thats one of my wishes

  21. Not impressed with last episode. Not finishing the way I want. Laughed and cried and now feeling a little pissed about the future.

  22. Can’t believe it’s almost over, so sad.  They will have to wind up a lot in a short time, which gives me hope that bill will live.  If Bill dies, then Sookie will just be left alone. Not enough time for Sookie to end up with Eric.  So touching Bill releasing Jessica and Bill and Eric scene.

  23. It wasn’t until bill explaining his decision did I realize the real reason he is doing this and the unselfish motives behind his actions..

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