1. You think he could of saved everyone the trip and trouble by saying NO at home. ..I can’t stand him!

  2. I’M SO GLAD ERICS OK! BUT, COME ON BILL……WHAT ARE YOU THINKING???? Sookie loves you and we do , too?????

  3. Why just why! I get he wants to die… But the dream? Is that what he see might see in the future? She is after all the princess of fae. Anything can happen. I have no clue for once how they are going to fit this all in two eps. They need to make the last episode atleast two hours long!

  4. Can’t believe it’s the end of him & True Blood. ..it could go on for 10 more yrs & I would still be watching. ..

  5. Well Violet sure died fast for an old vampire like herself:)) just sayin, Tarra found her peace ..anyway Bill can t die..prime character and all..he ll be okay and end up with Sookie..too much drama.I hope that all the vamps in Bone Temps round up and eat Sarah at the end:D that s what I hope for!

  6. Apparently, he isn’t going to make it to the finale which is just re-fucking-diculous! Why are they ending the series on this note?

  7. sarah is not the cure for bill, just watch wait & see…its all about that li word ‘forgiveness’ that the writers have been hinting to throughout the whole season

  8. ever one likes Eric he is ok but I have always like bill more and the are going to let him die. will be a sad night when it happens

  9. I am so heartbroken after last night’s episode. no words for it. with two episodes left there is time to save him but i hate seeing him like that. (sad…..)

  10. please let SOOKIE save BILL somehow. I don’t care how, just let them end together for eternity. they are the only reason I watch TRUEBLOOD and the only reason I pay for HBO. I NEED them TOGETHER!!!

  11. O on not bill I love bill he so awesome. Don’t take him off the show please bill don’t go we need you on the show.

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